i wanted to write something here before 12.. just so i can say i wrote something every day this week.. it’s quite an accomplishment for me.. i used to go weeks without writing anything.. but yah… i’m doing it every day.. but i’ve been thinking… why?.. why am i writing here.. i don’t understand why anyone would even take the time to read the jibberish i write here.. i make this webste so that i can just test out new things i learn about html.. but yah… tell me why you’re reading it.. shrug..

anyways.. hmm.. i practiced praise for the first time in sometime now.. it’s different from the original days of la central.. and it’s different from the days at rosemead too… i was starting to stress about it.. but.. then.. eugene said something that’ll probably stick with me… who cares how you sound.. just sing it for God.. sometihng like that.. and that made so much sense.. even the people that sing the worst at american idol.. if they say.. i sang it for God after.. well.. then it was music for him… and.. yah.. i like thinking like that…

i gotta go to sleep now cause.. well.. it’s past my bedtime.. and.. yah.. a lot past my bedtime.. and i gotta wake up early tomorrow.. night