eureka, i’ve found it.. well.. no no.. i figured it out.. jennifer.. i know now… i realized something was kinda weird on my website last saturday.. and i finally figured it out.. yah.. shrug… o happy day… ok.. i guess.. that was short lived victory… anyways… yah.. i’m contemplating moving my room around again.. if you don’t know it’s a pretty hard process cause i got this huge desk that needs to be disassembled piece by peice before i can move it.. last time i cracked it in half.. i’m not sure exactly how it’s staying up right now.. but i hate how my chair keeps hitting the wall.. and i don’t like how my room feels so crowded now… hmm..

i’ve been having some intense dreams lately… when i wake up.. i don’t remember what they’re quite about but… most of the time, i have the feeling of.. rejection and loneliness after. what’s running through my psyche right now.. why do i keep having dreams like this… i .. don’t know.. i don’t think i’m really all that stressed at the moment… though i think i’m getting close to the point where i’m gonna blow at someone… i haven’t really done that in a while… tensions in the air… not anyone in particular.. just.. the next person that irritates me

hmm… what else… i guess i have nothing else to say right now…