a rich old man was looking for a driver for his limo. he had just bought a new house up in the mountains and he was afraid he couldn’t drive up the windy road. three people wanted the job. each of them seem to equally qualified. so the rich man asked..

“who of you is the best driver?”

the first man said…

“when i drive you in the car, i can drive the car one foot away from the edge of the cliff and i won’t fall off.”

the second man said..

“when i’m driving you in the car, i can drive the car only an inch away from the edge of the cliff and i won’t fall off.”

the third man thought about it and said…

“when i’m driving you in the car, i’ll drive as far from the edge of the cliff as i can.”

who do you think got the job?…

yah anyways… i realize i haven’t posted in a while.. last weekend was really tiresome.. seemed like.. every second, i was either, driving, playing guitar, eating or sleeping. constantly.. for 45 minutes i got to play football.. but i had to stop.. to play the guitar again… we have praise again this weekend.. yay… that wasn’t a sarcastic yay.. i’m actually kinda excited by it. we had so much practice last weekend..

i still haven’t figured out where the cookies are from… man, they were good though.. sigh.. i kinda wish i didn’t take them to the retreat so i didn’t have to share them.. but yah.. i’m too nice sometimes…

i haven’t ran in a week.. which is bad.. cause the marathon is coming up… i don’t think i’ll finish it… wow.. it’s only..4 days away.. and i’ve never ran more that 6 miles… i think i’m gonna just sprint the first couple hundred meters just to say.. i was once in the lead.. haha.. i think there may be a way to track my progress on the website.

my left bottom wisdom tooth is coming out.. and it’s making me really irritable right now.. and i can’t think of anything more to write..