my mom brought home a couple slices of pizza today. it had pieces of pepperoni and sausage on it. so.. since i’m such a great vegetarian, i picked off the beef and pork parts. my stomach’s telling me i didn’t do a good job of it though.. even before i became vegetarian, eating pork gave me a stomach ache… i guess.. nothing’s changed since… i’ve been taking aspirin that jina bought for my knee…

my knee stopped hurting since then, though, i haven’t tried running on it yet.. on monday, just sitting down with my foot unelevated caused a odd throbbing pain in my back and butt. if i touch under my left knee cap, i can feel a tingling sensation in my butt.. odd..

i saw better luck tomorrow. it was a decent movie.. i’m not going to jump up and watch it again.. but it was.. interesting… i can’t really say i could relate to the movie. i never really did bad things in highschool, and well, i didn’t get good enough grades to have an alibi to do bad things, either.. but hey.. if you’re reading this and you’re from my highschool.. which comes down to.. eric and diane… doesn’t that one girl remind you of catherine lo? korean, valedictorian, cheerleader.. i wonder if she made a porno… i wonder what she’s up to these days..