whelps… i finally got my complimentary blogs to work… (thank God…, on my mind, favorites) however… i just realized i can’t upload them from this computer. i don’t know what the problem is… i’m using the same ws_ftp program… shrug.. i’ll just have to upload it at home. i’ve been spending a lot of time at my sister’s place. she’s on vacation somewhere so.. i get the place for myself..

it’s not that great of a place… there’s this smell of dog piss in the air and every time i put food down, i’m afraid a cockaroach will take it away.. but i get free cable (internet and tv) for the week so i can’t complain… so much stuff on tv. i think i watched… 6 hours of football yesterday..

so… exercise isn’t one of my top priorities at the moment… though.. i don’t think that’ll really be a big deal cause… well i haven’t been eating much… the last two days, i’ve had 2 famous stars without meat, medium fries, medium criss-cut, two medium cokes, and half a bag of salt and vinegar chips. yah.. it’s not all that healthy.. and i think my body’s telling me that… my face is starting to kinda break out.. and i have this nasty cancor sore in my mouth.

i’ve been losing weight though… susan says i’m chubby. chubby buff.. you’re back is chubby… but buff… shrug.. what the heck does that mean? joe’s like.. russell crowe is chubby buff.. eh.. hmm.. i think.. i need some human contact…

go dodgers…. 2.5 back with… 14 games left. philadelphia vs florida for 3 games.. so… the dodgers can make up even more ground.. they’ve been hot lately… my fantasy baseball is no longer in the cellar.. that is now occupied by aaron.. and i’m actually not in second to last either.. and for a couple days i wasn’t in 3rd to last either..

my fantasy football team is dead last though.. dang mcnabb.. 2 td’s.. that’s all i ask… sigh… well.. maybe next week… monday night football game just got interesting…