jenncha86: he’s so cute though

TIMe ToIM TIM: i’d.. hope so

TIMe ToIM TIM: you think i’m cute?

jenncha86: matt

jenncha86: silly

TIMe ToIM TIM: nono

TIMe ToIM TIM: i’m asking

TIMe ToIM TIM: do you think i’m cute

jenncha86: uhm

jenncha86: yes

TIMe ToIM TIM: really

jenncha86: well i can’t really say i think i’ve known you too long to look at you again for the first time

jenncha86: but yes to me you are adorable

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

TIMe ToIM TIM: i’m adorable?

jenncha86: yes

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha.. sweet

jennifer just made my day


idrathabshort: lol..i’m so gay >_<
TIMe ToIM TIM: you’re gay?

idrathabshort: n ono

idrathabshort: no no*

idrathabshort: lol

idrathabshort: nvr mind

TIMe ToIM TIM: you’re confusing me

idrathabshort: TIMe ToIM TIM: why do you say that <- do u honest answer..or...a nice..answer
TIMe ToIM TIM: honest

idrathabshort: hehe..umm…bleh….ur getting old tim..:-\ u should…date some grlz…b4 getting married…don’t spend too much time on one grl..& thinking that…nothing’s ever gonna happen….do something about it..wen u have feelings..for someone…u kno??? [wow…i sound…really weird today…but yea…:-D]

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

TIMe ToIM TIM: i’m.. getting old..

TIMe ToIM TIM: thanks..

idrathabshort: sigh..u wanted an honest answer..:-)

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

TIMe ToIM TIM: what would’ve the nice answer been

idrathabshort: hahahaha..i knew u were gonna pick..honest….so y even bother?

TIMe ToIM TIM: i wanna know the nice answer

idrathabshort: honestly….i dont know what the nice answer is

TIMe ToIM TIM: so.. either way you were gonna tell me i’m getting old

idrathabshort: no…!

idrathabshort: ah..don’t get madd!

i tend to.. miss the point


TIMe ToIM TIM: i just want someone to cuddle with

Juryxoxoxo: ha ha

Juryxoxoxo: is that a huge hint? or just something you want

TIMe ToIM TIM: could be a little of both

Juryxoxoxo: ha ha

Juryxoxoxo: tim you never change

Juryxoxoxo: i lilke that

TIMe ToIM TIM: hmm.. that’s not a good thing

Juryxoxoxo: why not?

TIMe ToIM TIM: cause..

TIMe ToIM TIM: i’m getting older

TIMe ToIM TIM: and i’m the same person

Juryxoxoxo: more or less

Juryxoxoxo: well

Juryxoxoxo: nto exactly the same

Juryxoxoxo: but still

Juryxoxoxo: constant

Juryxoxoxo: thats what i meant

Juryxoxoxo: you’re a very constant person

TIMe ToIM TIM: predictable

Juryxoxoxo: ha ha

Juryxoxoxo: you’re not

Juryxoxoxo: thats the contradiction

TIMe ToIM TIM: that makes no sense

TIMe ToIM TIM: i’m unpredicatably constant

Juryxoxoxo: yup

TIMe ToIM TIM: what’s.. that mean

Juryxoxoxo: i don’t know

Juryxoxoxo: your…………actions are constant

Juryxoxoxo: you go to school everyday

Juryxoxoxo: more or less

Juryxoxoxo: you go to church

Juryxoxoxo: etc

Juryxoxoxo: you eat baja fresh at least once a week

Juryxoxoxo: etc

Juryxoxoxo: but your thoughts

Juryxoxoxo: are so unpredictable

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

TIMe ToIM TIM: how do you know i go to baja fresh every week

TIMe ToIM TIM: i just had it yesterday

Juryxoxoxo: ha ha

TIMe ToIM TIM: and.. last .. friday

Juryxoxoxo: see

TIMe ToIM TIM: and hte saturday before that

Juryxoxoxo: and you almost always get the bean burrito

TIMe ToIM TIM: i always do

Juryxoxoxo: and you like the grilled leeks with it

Juryxoxoxo: and you get a coke

TIMe ToIM TIM: actually

TIMe ToIM TIM: i get jalapenos now too

Juryxoxoxo: ohh see?

Juryxoxoxo: change

TIMe ToIM TIM: yet.. the same

Juryxoxoxo: yes

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

Juryxoxoxo: sigh


jap in the gap: honestly… does a crease in the eyebrow turn you on???

jap in the gap: er, eyelid


TIMe ToIM TIM: i think for me it goes..

TIMe ToIM TIM: butt, smile, neck, hair…

TIMe ToIM TIM: i guess eyes are in there..

TIMe ToIM TIM: but more of their eyes

TIMe ToIM TIM: then their eyelids

jap in the gap: hhmm..

jap in the gap: im very much an ass man too.

TIMe ToIM TIM: i’m not much of a breast guy

jap in the gap: i think its… butt, legs, stomach, smile, eyes

TIMe ToIM TIM: just as long as they have some

jap in the gap: yea.. me neither

TIMe ToIM TIM: i don’t care

jap in the gap: me neither.

TIMe ToIM TIM: but if they’re as flat as a board

jap in the gap: as long as they’re not concave

TIMe ToIM TIM: i feel almost disgusted

jap in the gap: hahaha

jap in the gap: man hair’s important too

jap in the gap: i love long hair

TIMe ToIM TIM: i like when they put their hair up in the back

jap in the gap: like.. in a bun?

TIMe ToIM TIM: yah

TIMe ToIM TIM: or that chopstick thing

jap in the gap: haha

jap in the gap: so that they can whip it out like a sexy secretary? haha

TIMe ToIM TIM: o..

TIMe ToIM TIM: yah

TIMe ToIM TIM: i love thick black glasses

jap in the gap: hahaha

jap in the gap: you would like my girlfriend then.

TIMe ToIM TIM: hmm

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha


jap in the gap: lol

jap in the gap: girls… tend to avoid me when they cut their hair

jap in the gap: cuz i get mad lol

TIMe ToIM TIM: actually

TIMe ToIM TIM: i had a big fight with my first girlfriend

TIMe ToIM TIM: because she cut her hair

jap in the gap: hahah

jap in the gap: my first girlfriend… had long lustrous shiny black hair

jap in the gap: and chopped it off to right under her chin, right before we got together.

TIMe ToIM TIM: hahaha

jap in the gap: i suppose that should have been an indication of how the relationship was gonna go.

jap in the gap: oh well.

jap in the gap: and after we broke up, she grew it out really long again.

TIMe ToIM TIM: cut .. short

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

jap in the gap: you got mad when your girlfriend cut her hair?

TIMe ToIM TIM: well she didn’t like my reaction to it

TIMe ToIM TIM: she was like.. how’s it look

TIMe ToIM TIM: and i was like.. uh

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

jap in the gap: hahaha

TIMe ToIM TIM: that didn’t go well

jap in the gap: bad answer

jap in the gap: “it looks great!”

jap in the gap: it has to be a reflex lol

TIMe ToIM TIM: yes.. now.. i’ve trained myself to..

TIMe ToIM TIM: respond correctly

jap in the gap: lol


TIMe ToIM TIM: she’d be very mad if she knew i was up right now

And4 Lee: ((whippppshhhh))

And4 Lee: thats the sound of the whip

And4 Lee: use your imagination

TIMe ToIM TIM: whipsh

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

TIMe ToIM TIM: if i heard a whip make that sound


TIMe ToIM TIM: it’s like.. when i say hiccup when i hiccup

And4 Lee: you do say hiccup

And4 Lee: kind of

TIMe ToIM TIM: yes.. i’m saying i say hiccup

And4 Lee: i said use your imagination, alrite?

TIMe ToIM: i am

And4 Lee: ok, good

TIMe ToIM TIM: *whipsh

And4 Lee: im satisfied

TIMe ToIM TIM: *whipsh

TIMe ToIM TIM: it’s like.. a korean whip

And4 Lee: hahaha

And4 Lee: what the heck is that supposed to mean

TIMe ToIM TIM: shrug

TIMe ToIM TIM: i feel like i’m saying a korean word

TIMe ToIM TIM: my korean is bad.. ok..

TIMe ToIM TIM: alright

TIMe ToIM TIM: it’s past my bedtime

jap in the gap: i think i can hear the whip cracking

jap in the gap: night

TIMe ToIM TIM: hahaha

TIMe ToIM TIM: hmm..

TIMe ToIM TIM: someone else just said that to me

jap in the gap: hahah

jap in the gap: so are you gonna be a wimp and go to bed?

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

TIMe ToIM TIM: i’m tired

TIMe ToIM TIM: that’sw hy i’m goign to bed

jap in the gap: hahah

jap in the gap: sure sure

TIMe ToIM TIM : haha


new cd in my car. cd number 5 in the changer

good mood music

1. Barenaked Ladies – Upside Down (3:15)

“Nothing’s good enough for me

To shake me from complacency

I’ve made my mind up

I won’t make a sound

And I will not turn my whole life upside down”

2. Del Amitri – Roll to Me (2:12)

“The wrong guy, the wrong situation

The right time to roll to me ”

3. Fountains Of Wayne – Stacys Mom (3:18)

“you know i’m not the little boy that i used to be

i’m all grown up now, baby can’t you see”

4. Good Charlotte – Wondering (3:33)

“If you want me to wait, I will wait for you

If you tell me to stay, I would stay right thru

If you don’t wanna say anything at all

I’m happy wondering”

5. Counting Crows – Big Yellow Taxi (featuring Vanessa Carlton) (3:46)

“don’t it always seem to go

that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.”

6. july for kings – normal life (3:36)

“i just wanna live a normal life.

get a fast car, pretty wife.

we could have children of our own.

settle down here, ’til they’re grown.

buy a house right on the beach.

just right there, out of reach.”

7. Sugar Ray – When It’s Over (3:40)

“When it’s over, that’s the time i fall in love again.

When it’s over, that’s when you’re in my heart again”

8. Switchfoot – Incomplete (4:13)

“he’s now checking all the faces on the back of the milk

he’s sour under all this pressure

He thinks the missing person

looks an awful lot like him”

9. The Distillers – Drain The Blood (3:09)

“I’m living on shattered faith

kinda lies to restrict your breath

never been a better time than this

suffocate on internal bliss”

10. John Mayer – Bigger Than My Body (4:26)

“some day i’ll fly

some day i’ll soar

some day i’ll be

so damn much more

cause i’m bigger than my body gives me credit for”

11. David Gray – Babylon (4:25)

“If you want it,

come and get it,

for crying out loud.

The love that I was

giving you

was never in doubt”

12. Jason Mraz – The Remedy (I Won’t Worry) (4:16)

When I fall in love

I take my time.

There’s no need to hurry when I’m makin’ up my mind

You can turn off the sun

But I’m still gonna shine.

And I’ll tell you why

13. John Mayer – Why Georgia (4:31)

“I rent a room and I fill the spaces with

wood in places to make it feel like home

but all I feel’s alone

it might be a quarter-life crisis

or just the stirring in my soul

either way

I wonder sometimes”

14. Simple Plan – Perfect (4:39)

“Think back and talk to me

Did I grow up according to plan?

Do you think I’m wastin my time

Doing things I wanna do?”

15. Lifehouse on Carson Daily – Something (George Harrison Cover) (3:04)

“Something in the way she moves

Attracts me like no other lover

Something in the way she moves me

I don’t want to leave her now

You know I believe and how”

16. Granian – Far From Saved (3:38)

“Do you care what happens now?

Do you, even see right in front of you?”

17. Unwritten Law – Rest of my life (2:42)

“Cause I know

I’m so slow

But I’m tryin

And I’m still dyin to know

Say you won’t leave for the rest of my life”

18. The Mavericks – I Wanna Know (3:31)

“i wanna know what you’re thinking of

i wanna know when you had enough”

19. The Strokes – 12:51 (2:33)

“12:51 is the time my voice

Found the words I sought…

Is it this stage I want?”

20. Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl (3:33)

“One, Two, Three,

Take my hand and come with me,

Because you look so fine,

That I really want to make you mine.”

21. Goo Goo Dolls – Big Machine (3:10)

“I’m torn in pieces,

I’m blind and waiting for

My heart is reeling,

I’m blind and waiting for you. ”

22. good charlotte – hold on (4:09)

“hold on if you feel like letting go

hold on it gets better than you know”


Look around your world pretty baby

Is it everything you hoped it’d be

The wrong guy, the wrong situation

The right time to roll to me

Look into your heart pretty baby,

Is it aching with some nameless need.

Is there something wrong and you can’t put your finger on it

Right then, roll to me

And I don’t think I have ever seen a soul so in despair

So if you want to talk the night through

Guess who will be there?

So don’t try to deny it pretty baby,

You’ve been down so long you can hardly see

When the engine’s stalled and it won’t stop raining

It’s the right time to roll to me

Look around your world pretty baby

Is it everything you hoped it’d be

The wrong guy, the wrong situation

The right time to roll to me

del amitri – roll to me

i’ve been looking for this song for over a year. got me in such a good mood when i found it though. other songs i downloaded today:

good charlotte – wondering

john mayer – why georgia

sugar ray – when it’s over

barenaked ladies – upside down

i downloaded a couple other ones but i felt they weren’t worthy of mentioning.


i was talking to phillip the other day. if you don’t know who phillip is, he’s the white guy that comes to my church. the first thing you’ll realize when you talk to him is that there’s something off about him. i’m not a psych major nor did i do well in my psych classes, but i’d say he’s suffering with schizophrenia. whenever he shows up, you can tell everyone becomes awkward or shies away. either way, he knows my sister and i’ve been a la central lifer, so he knows me well enough to come up and try talk to me.

last saturday was the first time i actually tried to listen.

listen to him a minute and he’ll give you too much information. he goes off tangents on tangents off other tangents and it’s difficult to follow. half the time, i have to tell him to slow down and explain what he just said. other times he quotes bible texts and stats like they’re written in front of him. but if you actually sit down and listen to him, his main point is clear, it’s researched and it’s something i hadn’t heard in quite a long time.

“Jesus is coming soon. ”

growing up, every friday night and every saturday, the only thing i ever heard at church was that Jesus is coming soon. every week, we were told, “in revelation 22:17 it states ‘Yes, I am coming soon’.” now i had to look it up to even know what it says. Over the years, the moral of ever sermon changed from “God is coming” to “God is love”. Now i’m not saying that, this is a bad thing. I do believe, if we love, we do go to heaven. all you really need is love. However, i feel the urgency of His coming has left the church.

“Jesus is coming, but not any time soon.”

He’s coming, but not before i graduate. not before i get married. not before i start a career. not before i have kids. not before i retire. not before i become an invalid and have nothing else left to do but wait for God come.

Now here’s where it became weird. Phillip asked me what i was studying. i told him computer science. he told me that was good because becoming a doctor or dentist wouldn’t make sense. “The end of the world will be happen in the spring of 2009.” he told me by the time i become a doctor, i’d have 200,000 dollars in loans and no place to work. i asked him how he got that date, and he told a couple dates and other things. too hard for me to follow. something to do with 1889. he also said something about 3 and a half years of hardship. too hard to follow.

2009. that’s in six years. that’s too soon. there’s so much i want to do in my life. so much i want to see. i want to ski dive and bunjee jump. i want to see LA get a football team. i want to have a job with salary. i want to see what’ll happen with that girl i like. not enough time. i’m putting other things in front of God.

i’m not saying i believe the world will end at 2009. i guess it could, but it says in the bible that only God knows the time of Jesus’ return. that he’ll come like a thief in the night. but i’m asking this. if you knew the end was soon, would you still live your life the same way? here’s my challenge to you. have a God first mentality. if you keep putting Him off for something else, maybe it’ll be too late.


on a lighter note, happy birthday, mike. 28 years old. that’s crazy.



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