well.. again.. i’ve got a couple minutes to spare in between classes… and of couse i have nothing to talk about.. currently we’re on newtons second law. force = mass times accelleration… it’s actually something i’ve already learned in my astronomy class last semester… and really something you learn… in.. highschool?


i’ve been sitting in this computer lab for some time now.. but time was going so incredibly slow.. i figured.. writing a blog would speed that up.

i made a little change to the website.. like the title index? not really necessary but i think it’s cool either way. i still have to tweak it either way.. i’m pretty anal about this kind of stuff. right now.. it seems a little out of place. but in the middle of changing it around, my little cousin jonathan wanted to play warcraft…

which i just got.. so i figure.. yah.. i’ll play too. another time waster. mvp baseball 2004 killed my astronomy grade. hadn’t it not been for my controller breaking, i’m not sure if i would’ve passed the class. i got right on the curve for my physics midterm… which is pretty good considering, i really don’t remember any calculus at all.

yah.. i gotta go to class.. yesterday, the teacher chewed out a student for being late. luckily i wasn’t that student.