i’m glad today is over…

i hate wednesday. today was an interesting one. i finished two papers and while in a hurry to finish my second one, i met two people at my school. james park from church a long time ago and barry from school 6 years ago. i’m terrible with names but when barry came up to me today the name clicked so quickly in my head it seriously surprised me.

barry actually was an influencial part of my life. there’s a couple people out there that i only slightly know who’ve made huge impacts in my life. There’s this one girl from kayamm named Jina. If it wasn’t for her, i would’ve gone to the philippines for a year. She convinced me i had to finish my term with kayamm. obtw.. i just got a letter from 1000 MM… kinda random… kinda not..

anyways.. coming out of highschool i was contemplating joining the military and i was actually talking to a recruiter and barry, who’s a grade older and had joined the military a year earlier, told me not to go and told the recruiter not to talk to me.

where would i have been if i went into the military…

i didn’t get much studying done for my final in astro cause i was doing my paper and i was totally unprepared for it. astro has literally been kicking me in the butt this whole semester. the teacher said he’d grade our finals today and tell us our grades.

stomach drop…

“please God.. give me a D. I’ll do anything for a D.” After the written and oral final we had a little party as John graded our finals. he came down and we had this graduation ceremony. yah.. weird.

anyways.. he pulled out 5 books. “these are for the people who passed the class”. there’s 9 in the class. first name he calls….

Timothy Myung

i got a C! i got a C! i’ve never been so happy for a C before. Astro was honestly the hardest class i’ve ever taken and i got a C… and a book. Wow.. what a miracle…

well wednesday is over… now i can start looking forward to the weekend.

hmm.. actually i gotta do laundry.. it’s going to be slightly longer day.