… getting from there to here

umm.. i’d be surprised if anyone has ever heard the song i just quoted right there… anyways…

came back between lab and lecture and to my amazement.. the servers are back up! sad thing is… i didn’t get any email? yah i think for some reason.. my email server didn’t receive any emails.. so.. if you did send me something in the last week or so.. well.. i never got it.. if you need to, you can send email to igetemail@gmail.com. 1 gig of space. that’s pretty insane…

hmm… i joined bally’s. i’ve only gone once. but it’s only 29 dollars a month with no money down. what a great deal!.. i think i may go there after i finish this and clean my room. just to quote from yesterday… laureen – “tim, i wasn’t going to say anything, but have you been working out?”… umm.. just once.. haha

my parents are in hawaii this week. i’ve been eating surprisingly well though.. (as if my parents being home or not influences how much i eat)

i’m thinking about buying a wah-pedal for my guitar. waaaahhh