See Jessica Ride

This is Jessica. Jessica is stressed out. Why?

… because she’s about to ride this ride called Mega Loop.
Scary looking, huh?

Hmm, what could be going through her head?

Maybe she’s thinking about her ride on
the Haunted Space Mountain the week before.


Let’s see how this ride went.


putting two things together

So, lately, there’s been a trend that, if you know me, you know I love. That’s right, seemingly spontaneous choreographed dancing, FlashMob. (Everyone remember the WKCM opening ceremony?)

On Thursday, on Oprah, it happened while the Black-Eyed Peas were probably singing my favorite pop song at the moment, I gotta feeling… I wake up sometimes with this song in my head… like I did the morning of the Softball Tournament.


i haven’t had uninterrupted sleep in 3 weeks


Habit’s Creature

I’ve been coming home late at night and wanting to turn on the TV.

I have an analog TV without a digital TV converter box. It still gets a few channels… An informercial on channel 67… and those digital converter box public announcements that run in loops in English and Spanish.

The TV is uselessly sitting to the right of me. I’ve been thinking about putting it in the closet but my dad keeps telling me he has a converter somewhere in the house..

Where is it then, Dad?

When I’m bored or mindlessly droning, I find myself reaching for my TV remote again and again.

This digital era has forced me to start listening to my radio.



godaddy keeps reminding me that I have until June 7 to renew this website domain…


Chan Ho Park

I stumbled across this relatively old video on youTube.

I’ve never heard of anything like this every happening before. I miss the guy.

On a side note, I was looking for a video of him jump kicking Tim Belcher years ago. If you can find that for me, it’d make me laugh.


the taste of victory

I’m tasting victory and it isn’t sweet.

No, it tastes like Souplantation.