Susan Boyle

This was on yahoo’s main page, but if you haven’t seen it already, you should. Simon Cowell actually looks like he’s swooning.

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Apparently, she was teased as a child because of a disability and never pursued performing because of it.


One year, two months minus one day

Time, yah, it flies…
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Physics Problem

Person T is sprinting north toward Person Ju at X m/s down a hill with a Z degree angle. Person Je hides behind a window 8 feet west of Ju. When T is 10 feet from Ju, Je emerges from his spot and shoots at T. Assume paintballs can be shot at 200 f/s.

At what force does the paintball hit T’s neck?

I guess the picture would be the engineer’s answer to the question.


Waste Product

I was shocked when I saw this today while putting in gas. If you can’t read it, it says, “If every U.S. driver had properly inflated tires, over 700 million gallons of gas could be saved each year.”


That’s one big number.

After the shock subsided I thought about for a bit. There’s roughly 300 million living in the US. If, I’m totally estimating, 80% drive (which I think is an overestimation), that’s 240 mil drivers. That equates to less than three gallons a year per person.

When I came home, I decided to look deeper into it. According to the US Department of Energy, the US used 140 billions gallons of gas in 2004. Inflating tires is .5% of that.

Don’t get me wrong, every little bit counts. Continuing to read on the sign, you’ll find that Mobil is just advertising it’s new tire liner technology. If they were really concerned about gas wasted, they’d offer to fill your tires for you every time you put in gas.

If there was anything to really pick at, it’d be traffic. A 2002 Urban Mobility survey showed that each Los Angeles driver waste 94 gallons of gas in traffic.


Bringing Two Things Together

I just found out something today and it has somewhat blown my mind.

If you’ve been around me the last couple months, you’ve inevitably seen me on my BlackBerry Storm. I love it; I’ve dedicated a website to it.

I’m sure you’ve seen this commercial before, probably in better quality. Listen carefully…

Now, can you tell me… who’s voice is it?

*hint* It has to do with something I used to really love, but lately, not so much…


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