late bloomer

T bought me a hibiscus in February of 2008 when we first became something more than friends. After more than 2 years of just chilling in my front yard, the thing FINALLY FLOWERED! What does this mean? Regardless, the thing is gosh darn near perfect and I see another little bulb nearby. Exciting times ahead. But really, plant, why did it take you so long?

It kind of looks like some sort of hybrid, doesn’t it?


OK Go – Last Leaf


… patriotic

“God Bless the USA” has been stuck in my head, ALL DAY!


love at first bite

I came across this picture today and realized that I never posted it anywhere. Definitely post-worthy.
T’s first Spicy Chicken Sandwich after breaking his long streak of vegetarianism. Funny story: after his first bite into his first sandwich, T carefully put it down, walked up to the counter and ordered a second sandwich. Yes, it was that good.

Since this picture was taken, the Spicy Chicken Sandwich has become a staple in T’s diet. How many of these do you eat a week?


… dreadful but not

minus – went to Costco, had a blast shopping around, then came out to see a ginormous scratch on the side of my car. Someone had rammed their shopping cart into my car and left no note. The nerve! I cried a few tears for my scraped up baby.
minus – went to CVS to buy some Drano to cure my clogged drain. Decided to be eco-friendly and declined a plastic bag. The supposedly sealed Drano had a few ideas of its own and spilled all over my car and my gold planner (it’s not so gold anymore….). After a full fledged panic attack, I realized that there are certain things that I just can’t control and that…

plus + God is teaching me a lesson. I need to stop obsessing over material things otherwise, I’m going to see my life going down the Drano…


Soaring over California

Hungry Bird was in the mood for something delicious but didn’t know where to go. And then it came to her- why not fill up AND have fun at Disneyland! So she flapped her wings and….

ta-da! Lucky for her, it was the fall season at the ‘happiest place on Earth’. HB LOVES pumpkin-shaped Disney characters, orange and gold leaves, and the taste and feel of this time of year so she flew around the park taking it all in.
After stuffing her face with multiple servings of corn tortillas and sourdough bread, HB found her PERFECT dessert at Pacific Warf- a sweet and delicious-looking little fishy. “What a great find,” she thought to herself, “a real gem!” *NOM NOM NOM* Poor cute fishy…

HB sighed after a wonderfully fulfilling day and settled in on the ferris wheel. Ah- life is good. 


Asian Persuasion

Huntington Library

We missed the new member’s orientation due to my irresponsibility and air headedness. It was at 1:00 not 2:00, dummy me! On the upside, we checked out a part of the grounds that we had never seen before: the Botanical Center, Chinese Garden, and Zen Garden! We did way too much walking, but it was well worth it! While trekking through the gardens, I felt like I was transported to old gardens that I had visited on my many trips to China and Japan. Take a peak.