you kill one and 10 more come.. my desk is covered with ants .. i tried to deal with it yesterday by just smashing the few that were around with quarters. i’m just gonna leave the rest here… cause i figure if i can’t handle these measly little ants how am i gonna handle the philippines. well.. this is the last time i’m gonna write in this.. for either 2 months or 2 weeks depending on how much time i haev in the end of next week. but. yeah.. i haven’t been doing much updating anyways. but i did upload a song from timmie’s chicken shack that if you knew me, you’d have heard the song before. i leave at 1 today and i still haven’t actually started packing. i have to pack, buy a present, drop the present off, see a friend and drop them off too. it’s gonna be hectic the next couple hours. we’ll see how it turns out. so tune in next month.. actually in 2 months.. same tim channel, same tim address for more boring stories of tim’s life.