the quiet hum of my computers internal fan is almost hypnotic. i’ve already fallen asleep once tonight on a bed full of stuff because of it. my dad walked in and told me.. you’re not gonna be able to sleep if you sleep like that. ironic how he has to wake me up to tell me that. now he went to sleep, and i’m on my chair, writing on blogger at 3 in the morning which is pointless again because my ftp server is down at the moment. and it has been down for.. 3 days now. not that i hvae anything to upload except these bloggers posts.. hopefully i’ll be able to upload them before i leave for training. i got 3 shots today. hep a, hep b, and typhoid. weird think is.. i didn’t feel it when i was getting shots.. but.. now.. my arms feel like.. pain, ok.. i couldn’t anything descript to say. they just hurt. and i jammed my middle finger so.. well i guess i don’t use that finger much anyways.. my parents don’t know thi but i parked my car in front of there, so that can’t leave for church with moving my car. i promised i’d be at church by 10 tomorrow. and even if i sleep only.. what.. 5 hours now.. they’re going to have to wake me up to move the car. i’m sure they’ll some how find a way to leave without waking me even though they know that i hvae no alarm clock in my room. although i’m reduced back to just a 56k, it’s good to be back home. true, i will miss t1, but it’s not like i’m going to be home in the enxt two months. maybe i’ll convince my parents to get dsl. hummm…. the fan’s getting to my head and my eyes are getting heavy. i don’t know how much longer i …. zzzzzzzzzz