you think a guy like that gets this close and then sticks his head out?… in my opinion, i don’t think you’ll see him for a long time…. rephrased usual suspects.. it’s been a while since i’ve seen the movie.. but i think that’s the jist of what he says. well it’s the end of the year, and i’m moving out today. for some reason… something deep in my inner being is telling me.. you forgot to do something.. very important. and it’s just making me.. really.. edgy…. maybe it’s cause i realize.. from now on.. i’ve got no free life until august 8th. today i finish moving out.. going to art’s graduation. then some time between now and this monday.. i’m gonna have to take my shots, buy supplies, move in my house.. pack to leave… i’m seeing arthur chung this weekend.. it’s been a long time… wow. kinda makes me realize how much.. one day.. one week.. one month.. does. just think about it.. where someone’s facial expression can you change your emotions in an instant… think about how many instances come in a year. when i go to the philippines, i’m hoping that i *goseng alot. not that i want to, but i need change in my life. i have to be thankful for what i got. i wanna come back and people just look at me and say.. what happened? when i came back from korea.. everyone told me.. wow.. you’re so much nicer now. i guess the weird part is.. i know deep inside.. when i do come bakc.. i’m gonna be the same person.. i’m gonna act the same in certain situations, laugh at the same jokes, like the same girls.. i think this might be the last time i write here.. though i do have 4 more days left. so i highly doubt it. i think i should go eat a handful of sugar..

*for those korean illiterate, goseng i think means.. to .. have.. hard times. loosely translated