you know that guy from the budweiser commercial where he’s in the bathroom for half the commercial trying to perfect his perfect line but when he comes out and says it to the girl, he gets rejected? i laugh whenever i see that. it’s so true. sometimes. i sit and think of the perfect thing to say to a girl. the girl. and when i see her in person, i’m just.. blah blah.. hubita hubita. i’m an idiot when it comes to girls. haha i seem to always do something that degrades them. which defeats the whole purpose of what i’m trying to do. are they really worth all the time i spend thinking and definitely stressing about them? hmm.. i don’t think girls are worth it. except the special ones. and over time you realize which ones are the special ones and which ones are the ones you could forget tomorrow. i had a long talk with someone i didn’t expect to talk to. this guy, who lives across from me, loves giving me advice. i bet he’ll be shocked the day he realizes i’m the same age as him. anyways. he told me how, if you truly like a girl, it really wouldn’t matter what other people say, or what other people do. at the end, she’ll be worth it. haha. well.. it’s the last week of real classes.. and i couldn’t be more happier about it. ewll.. i could be. i mean. the whole you wish and wish that the year would end. but now that it’s finally here.. i think i’m gonna miss a couple of the poelpe here. yeah.. people always say, it doesn’t sound like you’re coming back. you know. i mihgt now. I keep hearing how La Sierra isn’t a good computer school. actually it’s a terrible computer school. they’re saying they’re getting more funding and new teachers. but someone told me they made those promises before. I’m better off at walla walla or puc they say. i just wonder if all my business is finished here. i have concluded that the crazytown cd sucks. though i like some of the songs on the lit cd. i just realized, God sometimes answers prayers to problems before you even know its there.