the sound of dr. dre is in the air… or maybe it’s ice cube or dmx.. like i know my rap. there are computers every where i look to the left and to the right… the familiar sound of the keyboard clicking is what i hear. am i home finally… no.. but i am almost. today cagayan, tomorrow manila, the day after the world.. i mean.. america. I’ve been praying of the day of going back to the states. and since it’s finally close. i’m more and more excited about it. what sucks though and is really getting on my nerves is that… i can’t check my juno mail. of all times for my server to go down. i wanna hear of what my fellow kayammer’s are doing.. but.. i’m stuck here.. watching my screen saying.. Connecting to Mail Server… actually i don’t even know if this blogger will work. probably somethign will be wrong with port5… i found out that my counter doesn’t work anymore. sigh. it’s alright though. the people next to me are playing counterstrike now.. so .. maybe i’ll joini and show some clan power…. i just gotta say. i’m starting to miss a lot of you guys.. and .. i’m just glad i’m going back home. “go go go” i must go