it has… begun… approximately.. 30 minutes ago.. this day has started.. the day that i feared for.. so long.. dreaded for.. ages … sigh.. i was in bliss for.. 7 years.. but it ends today… it’s hard to admit but.. this is my last day.. as a teenager.. sigh.. i’m gonna be turning twenty on sunday.. and it’s not something i’m looking forward to… the years.. just go by so fast now.. i walked into .. La Sierra today.. and.. flashbacks of.. my first day last year.. flooded my head.. and i realized.. o my gosh.. i’m still the same person i was back then. what am i doing.. i need to get my life on track… i need to.. have something proud about.. it’s seriously.. hard.. but.. i realize.. i’ve pretty much wasted my last 2 years.. and i don’t want to be saying this.. in two years again. i’m not a teen anymore.. i can’t be making the same mistakes again.. i’m determined to .. be all i can be.. i don’t want to be.. just.. tim anymore.. i want to break out of my shell and be someone… but.. then.. i see myself again.. sitting on the same chair.. stressing over the same things.. becoming the same person.. once again.. when will this.. ever end.. am i doomed to be.. in college forever. will i always live under my parents roof… no.. i swear.. from this day on.. i will be someone i can be proud of. maybe i’ll be sitting in the same chair.. maybe i’ll still stress over the same things… but i won’t be the same person.. because i know tried to change