next time you’re alone at night… listen. it only works at the dead of night. after everyone has gone to sleep. all the lights have been turned off. the familiar hum of your computer is dead. even the occasional sound of car rumbling by is only a memory. wait till the dogs of the neighborhood have no reason to bark and the crickets have no reason to chirp. then listen. do it, while you’re comfortably wrapped in your blanket and when every muscle in your body is relaxed. listen and you’ll hear it. an gradually it’ll get louder. it’ll start to blair. it’ll begin to peirce your ears. as it echoes back in forth in your head, your mind will begin to go.. it’ll grow too loud.. late at night, try this. listen to the loud silence.

the first and only person i’ve ever talked to about this is m&m.; i used to listen to this loud silence at her house. although it’s a little different there.. you go into her backyard. and you look down and you can see the skyscapers of LA and the lights of glendale. and you sit back and listen.. and you hear the roar of nothingness in the air. silence is a scary thing.. i remember when i was younger i’d look at my grandfather who’s had a hearing aid since i remember.. and thinking.. what if i can’t hear. the problem with silence is.. that.. you start to think. at one point.. you can’t tell whether it’s the lack of sound that bounces in your head.. or your thoughts.. you start getting comfortable with it. you get it undercontrol. and you feel a peace in your head. you become in awe of the silence.. next time you’re alone..try to listen to this.. and tell me how it feels.