like ripples in a pond

TiMeT O ImTiM: like ripples in a pond

gnapower: ripples?

TiMeT O ImTiM: we’re connected

TiMeT O ImTiM: when you care about someone

TiMeT O ImTiM: you’re in the same pond with them

TiMeT O ImTiM: and everyone you care about is in that pond with you

TiMeT O ImTiM: and if a stone of trouble is thrown into your part of the pond

TiMeT O ImTiM: it makes ripples

TiMeT O ImTiM: and it affects everyone else

gnapower: so if even one little pebble is thrown in, that many ppl are affected

TiMeT O ImTiM: yup, when your’e hurt

TiMeT O ImTiM: i feel it

gnapower: wow, i never thought of it that way

gnapower: and when you’re hurt, i feel it too

i’m an individual.. and i like being one. if you know me, you know i like going on my own and marching to my own drummer. i’m never compelled to lead anything, and i’m never obligated to follow. but as seperate as i try to be, i am not alone. chances are, if you’re reading this post, you’re in that pond with me. i know i cause a lot of trouble sometimes.. and i think i’m the one that always starts the waves.. i’m sorry… just know.. that when’re you’re troubled.. i feel it too..