new on old.. it took me a while, but i updated my website. in a way.. it took a step back from the version before it. mena’s back. it’s mostly only black and white. i realized that most of the links didn’t work before, and i changed them around. i added a few things and took a few things out. it’s funny but i think every time i update this site i take out more and more. it’s gone a long way since the page full of animations of a boy falling and a dog running. i put much thought into it before i took out the snorlax. seems like.. i change my website everytime i think i have a change in my life.. so.. maybe i’m going through changes at the moment. some of my links in life are slowly dying. some things i care about don’t matter anymore. old habits die. things change. so i changed. is your website do for an update?