you know.. lately i’ve been dreaming of this place.. that i’m going to go to. maybe it’s going to be san diego state… maybe it’s san jose state. but this place i’m dreaming of is far away from here. but not too far. in this place, i enjoy going to all my classes and so i go to every one of them. hence i get good grades in all of them. i love where i live and i wake up every morning with a smile on my face. i love the people i talk to and they love talking to me too. this is my paradise. a place where today is a great day and tomorrow will be just as great… i’m going to this place.. in months.. maybe a year..

jennifer burst my bubble today. i told her about my paradise. she said it wouldn’t exist. i told her it’s what i needed. she told me ii wouldn’t get it. she burst my bubble. she crushed my hopes. my dreams… “what’s gonna make things so much better when you’re over there?” .. the thought.. ‘runaway you wuss’ chimes in my head.

‘but i’ll get a fresh start’

‘i’d be happier’

‘there’s so much to look forward to’

‘nothing will change’

‘yah.. i guess not.. i’ll be tim over there. i’m already tim over here. what would be different’


‘yah.. .nothing’

sigh.. my paradise is here. where ever i go.. i’ll always be.. here