i’m .. so tired… yet, like a fly to a light, i’m compelled to work on my website.. i don’t even know if that analogy even worked. i’ve got class tomorrow. i’ve got work to finish. i’ve got a trail to run. i’ve gotta go to sleep… man… so many thing’s i’ve got to do. but all i can think about is… bla… nothing.. i’m close to brain dead at the moment. i really should be going to my car to get my contact, to put in solution. but it’s raining outside. i’m in my boxers. i’m tired.. it’s just not the right time to go. so here i will sit and mourn at the fact that i can’t sleep till i go out and get my contact and put it in solution.

this weekend was .. busy. enjoyable cause there were little surprises everywhere.. i like that. seems like i actually did something. obligations. so many of them. why can’t i say no! nice guys finish last and flies die in the light if they don’t change their path… am i like a fly. is the light this website? am i going suffer because of this website. no no.. i’m just.. what am i talking about.. now i’m just rambling. shoo fly shoo.. don’t go toward the light!