i’m gonna make an honest effort to write something here every day… i don’t know.. if that’s going to work out right .. but .. effort.. i least i tried.. i mean.. will try.. anyways.. i went to the eye doctor yesterday, and i decided to get glasses for the first time in about 5 years… my eyes have been infected ever since i went to ontario over the weekend.. and whenever i wear contacts, they just start to itch.. and.. i.. for some reason.. whenever i start itching my eyes.. i can’t stop.. it makes me think i have that.. obsessive compulsive disorder… seriously.. it just feels so.. good and i keep itching and itching.. for reason too.. sometimes.. i decide to.. push one tooth with another tooth.. and i .. can’t stop myself from pushing even though i think that i’m going to pull the teeth off.. shrug.. i’m a little.. weird… back to the glasses.. i guess.. not being used to the glasses.. i’ve started getting this splitting headache… that.. makes me dizzy when i stand up too quickly.. odd.. i realize i got these glasses because a girl told me i looked good in them.. o.. how.. sad i’ve become.. well.. anything that tips the scales my way is i guess a good thing.. so.. yah.. .. shrug