you know.. all my posts seem to be written sometime between.. 10 and 2 at night.. was another.. blah day.. though i did .. wake up in the morning for the first time and read my bible.. i’ve been reading the student bible.. so interesting their sidenotes.. i always pray to God that i read something that’d be important to me that day. and today was no difference.. so i prayed.. and the first thing i opened to was proverbs. and the sidenote was talking about how to raise a good child.. hmm.. like i really need to read this…. so i turn the page and.. their.. the next side note. laziness. verses and verses about how laziness is bad. how procrastinating leads to nothing. really got to me.. so.. in the afternoon.. instead of my.. hours of .. doing nothing.. i called up my dad and asked him if he needed help.. he said no.. so.. i sat back in my chair.. and was lazy for the rest of the afternoon.. eh.. at least i tried?.. it’s a start i guess.. sigh.. haha.. i need to get out of this chair.. it’s too comfortable..