well.. my honest effort lasted… 1 day?.. i’m sorry about that.. it’s kind weird cause i average more hits now than before when i used to update every day.. anyways.. yah.. a lot’s happened to be since the 2 months..almost 3 months.. that it became quiet.. my life took a couple spins.. and.. yes.. i’m not sure in what direction i’m going right now… and yet.. life as become too routine.. i can’t tell the difference of one day to the next.. and .. weeks pass like.. i don’t know.. everything.. falls on schedule.. but yah.. i gotta get out of this funk.

i really messed up my ankle 4 weeks ago, playing basketball.. yah.. i was playing basketball.. i jumped up to take a shot and landed on someone elses foot.. and i swear i heard a pop. that night.. the pain was almost unbearable.. and.. yah.. my parents decided i should go to the ER. they found nothing. so.. yah.. but.. my foot still had swelling 3 weeks after. that’s when i started on accupuncture.. wow.. that was painful.. either way.. the swellings going down.. though.. the football game is coming in a week.. man.. i hope i can jump by then… i’ve been told that i’ve actually torn some thing in my ankle.. and to stay off of it for 3 months.. but that’s just not gonna happen.

well.. so.. i haven’t ran in.. what.. more than a month now.. minus .. one time i ran.. with my foot taped up.. but that didn’t last long.. and.. man.. i’m itching to go out and run.. exercise.. be painfree.. but that’s enough for now.. how do you like my new layout?.. it changed if you hadn’t noticed. jooree told me it hasn’t.. though she’s one of the least observant people you’d meet. though… she did realize i did not mention her in my thank link.. i should add her.. but yah.. that’s enough of my life for right now.. come back later..