i should be sleeping now.. i just got back from jeannie’s house, and.. yah.. i just spent the last .. 2 hous or so.. playing a game of chess.. at first it started, as a simple game.. but as it progressed, it started getting more intense.. after a while my head started hurting… i shouldn’t be thinking this much this early in the morning.. either way.. i should be sleeping right now.. footballs coming up tomorrow.. actually.. football’s coming up in .. 9 hours… wow.. it’s really late.. i’m so happy it’s a 1 oclock game, not a 9 oclock one.. why it was ever so early in the morning i haven’t the slightest idea… anyways… i’ve been posting a lot lately.. and.. yah.. i’m not sure exactly why.. i mean.. there’s times when a lot’s been on my mind.. but.. for some reason.. i feel like i need to.. let it out..

jina always tells me that i need to have a journal.. it helps relieve stress and all.. maybe.. that’s why i’m writing so much… subconsciously i know i’mg going to explode soon… the signs are there.. i am .. biting a lot of people’s heads off.. i am starting to get louder… maybe..hmm.. how do i stop this… sigh.. yah..

it’s the most weirdest things when you’re.. not able to talk to one of your most closest friends.. sigh.. i saw michelle kim’s little brother today.. well.. big little brother.. man it must’ve been … 7 years since i las saw him.. but he still remember me… so.. weird.. i haven’t talked to michelle in a while.. she usually would’ve called me by now… shrug.. where are you michelle?… hehehe..

i’m getting tired..