ultimatums.. i hate ultimatums.. the people in my bible studies group know that.. whenever my pastor says something like.. “tell the kids they need to pay by this time, or else..” i always question or else what?.. you know that.. thing older people do to little kids… countdown from 10… by 3 they have the kid doing whatever they want.. see.. that thing never worked with me.. i always needed to know.. or what happens after 1?… usually i’d choose the wrong decision too.. we all know about my impulse decision problem… either way.. i’m sick of getting ultimatums… if you knew me… my track record would show.. if you put any friendship on the line for anything, i’d push it aside and pick ‘or else’. so.. why give me the ultimatum? unless well.. shrug

seems like .. every waking hour the last 24 hours, i’ve been arguing with someone.. or.. bickering .. or whatever. i went.. 7 hours bickering with jooree today.. and she was really getting to me.. everything she said.. irritated me.. but .. all she had to do was stand outside my window and ask, what’s wrong… and.. everything was ok again… before long, we were smiling at each other again.. sigh… it’s kinda funny cause, at one point we were walking to a restuarant and she commented that it was chilly, so i angrily asked “want me to get my jacket from my car”..

sigh.. when i care about people.. i still care about them when they’re mad at me.. i still care about them when i’m pissed at them too..

sometimes.. there’s reason to be mad.. reason to be sad. sometimes there’s reason to smile. and reason to frown.. but there comes a time every once in a while…. when there really is no reason..