it’s very uncharacteristic of me to post twice in the same week, let alone the same night.. but to my defense, it has been.. 3 hours since i last posted.. and.. technically it was thursday night that i posted.. not friday morning as it is now.. either way.. yah.. why am i up this late at night.. you shouldn’t ask.. though i know that if joe wasn’t online right now, there would be a better chance that i’d be sleeping at the moment.. either way.. i’m up.. and have been up at this hour.. every day this week.. odd.. that i haven’t been all that tired throughout the day though.. maybe it’ll hit me over the weekend. i don’t know.. i just have.. so much running through my head right now.. and i keep putting more into it.. it’s almost.. like.. i’m trying to avoid thinking of one specific thing.. so i’m.. just jumbling it all together.. to make just.. nothing.. it’s almost the weekend.. almost time for church. and there’s someone there i need to talk to… i’m out for now