well.. it’s 7 o’clock on sunday and technically i should be at mammoth enjoying the beautiful weather and the beautiful woman. and.. in actuallity.. i am here at mammoth… but the reoccuring thought in my head seems to be a wish that i had just stayed at home and gotten a guitar in christmas…

right now… i’m watching the ravens-steelers game. raven’s are my favorite football team. right now i’m sitting alone in my cabin. everyone else is eating. right now.. i’m wondering where my pants are. i must’ve left them in my car.. or in the other cabin. right now… i’m cold… i can slightly feel the fireplace burning across the room from me… right now … i’m confused. i have too many thoughts running through my head. i’m tired. i’m not sure what i’m doing…

i need some time on my own.. sort what’s going through my head. see.. these are the times when having my guitar would be useful. if i hadn’t come here, i would have a nice guitar to play. if i hadn’t come here… would i have reason to sort what’s going through my head?

maybe it’s just the hollidays.. maybe it’s the cold weather.. but right now.. all i want is someone to let me sleep on their lap. but that’s not gonna happen.

snowboarding was pretty fun today. i think i got carving down pretty well… but now my knees are totally shot. i don’t think it’s from falling on them. it’s like the feeling i get when i run a lot. my wrist is pretty screwed up too. but i think that’s from football yesterday. i had surprisingly a lot of fun playing.

yesterday, pastor nam had a sermon where his point was something i never heard before. the point was… people who look to themselves and see what changes they must do are being selfish… honor goes to those that look to others and try to help them instead. i’m probably telling the point wrong… i’m tired.. what can you expect.

i really have nothing to write about… although i’m writing a lot.. i prefer to keep my deeper thoughts hidden somewhere for now. *shrug… whatever…

well.. i should go back to the other cabin. i wonder if people realize i’m not around. hmm… eh.. i’ll just finish watching this game.

“cause i’m sitting here alone again

tying straws into knots”

the deeper and deeper it gets into the night, the more and more poetic my thoughts seem to try to become. it gets even worse when i close my eyes and try to actually go to sleep. then every simple sentence in my head has to be paired up with another in the same rythmn and rhyme. in the end nothing ends up making sense. and in the chaos of it all is when i finally find comfort and sleep.

i’m pretty gosh darn tired at the moment.. and.. so.. that’s how my thoughts are going right now. i’ve been motivated to write a song to play on my guitar for a while now.. but.. i don’t really know where to start from. or how to finish. or what to write about. or who to write it to. or how to sing. or how to play the guitar. so.. the process has been kind of slow. i’ll give myself a deadline for it.. how about… till the end of… january. 2005…

this has been a long day… very long day. if you know a little about me, you’d know that i’m a very light sleeper. it’s a lot of the reason why i like going home and sleeping rather than sleeping over at someone’s place. last night, the guys decided to sleep over at art’s so we could play basketball in the morning. art has one of the coldest houses … so me, joe and andy crammed onto a queen size bed to sleep. sometime.. around 1… andy on one end was cold so he wanted more blanket, and joe had a heated pad under him so he didn’t want a blanket. so me on the other end of the bed.. ended up with no blanket. very.. cold night.. i think i saw every hour of the night as a red glow on the digital clock in the room…

from when we stopped playing basketball till 10 when i got home.. all i wanted to do was go home. i was zoning out everywhere on saturday. i was zoning out everywhere on sunday… wait.. today is monday.. i was zoning out everywhere monday… i played so much sports this week. oddly.. i didn’t watch any football.

conversations of the weekend

about my new slippers

tim: “chris chong got me the slippers in the philippines”

joe: “but i thought you bought them in the 60’s”

playing an initials game at art’s house

kelly:”I and N”

kelly:”Encino Man”

tim:”dude, encino starts with an E”

kelly:”o it does”

tim:”and Man starts with a M”

about the city lights you can see from art’s house

tim: “man the lights look so pretty”

joe: “it’s because it’s christmas”

i’m not sure if the last one made sense to you unless you’ve gone to arthurs house. i don’t understand the first one at all. i wasn’t even born in the 70’s… i’ve been spending a lot of time with joe. actually i’ve spent every day with him since last last friday. we’re going bowling tomorrow. and we’re thinking about playing risk on wednesday night to thursday. then with mammoth coming and lockin… it’d cover every day till january 1st. don’t ask me why we’re doing this. frankly.. i don’t know.. haha… art’s amazed joe and i haven’t gotten in a fight. what’re we going to fight about?

my bedtime was extended a little bit today.. but i’ve still run out of time .. and i don’t think i’m making sense anymore.. so.. maybe i’ll finish tomorrow

And4 Lee: w00t

And4 Lee: im in your profiel

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

And4 Lee: and on your website

And4 Lee: …hopefully not for saying something stupid

And4 Lee: …lets read on

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

And4 Lee: …damn

And4 Lee: it is

And4 Lee: @!*&(*$@&(*#&$(*#

And4 Lee: !&(^#$&^#@(*&($*@!#

And4 Lee: hmm, interesting

TIMe ToIM TIM: what is?

And4 Lee: when you just mash on SHIFT + the numbers

And4 Lee: whats the pattern you get?

TIMe ToIM TIM: &^%$&^@%$&^%$@

And4 Lee: ahh

And4 Lee: interesting

And4 Lee: in chaos…

And4 Lee: theres an underlying order

And4 Lee: very interesting

And4 Lee: im watching the OC

And4 Lee: and…

And4 Lee: i know on TV and in the movies

And4 Lee: ppl kiss under misletoes

And4 Lee: and kiss on new years eve

And4 Lee: but, does that happen in real life?

And4 Lee: with ppl that are NOT youre significant other?

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

TIMe ToIM TIM: white people kiss other people all the time

TIMe ToIM TIM: don’t they?

TIMe ToIM TIM: bill clinton

And4 Lee: i mean

TIMe ToIM TIM: he was the leader of white people

And4 Lee: not adults

And4 Lee: haha

TIMe ToIM TIM: and he kissed a lot of peple

And4 Lee: whos the leader of us

And4 Lee: well, he did uh….

And4 Lee: lots of things

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

TIMe ToIM TIM: the leader of the US is george bush

TIMe ToIM TIM: how can you not know that?

TIMe ToIM TIM: hehehehe

And4 Lee: …

And4 Lee: @(^_^)>>@(*_^)

TIMe ToIM TIM: wow.. that’s.. so.. susan

sometimes, you get lucky and you can find the most interesting pictures from the most random of places… someone sent me this picture the other day and i’m not sure why, but it made me feel happy. so decided to share my source of slight happiness with the rest of you.

driving to the bowling alley last night, i told joe that it was going to rain the next day. and lo and behold.. it rained today. how did i know it was going to rain?.. cause i washed my car yesterday and God has a funny sense of humor. the theme for the weekend seems to be God’s sense of humor in my life.

last friday, it took me 2 hours to drive to Knott’s Berry Farm through the middle of rush hour traffic. finally getting to the theme park, after searching endlessly for a parking space and finding one not so far away… it turns out the thing i wanted to buy… the store it was in… well.. there was a power outtage at Knott’s Berry Farm. and.. the one store with the keychain had closed early. what’s the probability…

i went to knotts again the next day and of course there was traffic going… finally getting there.. passing by the store, the perfect parking space was open right for me. the store was open and amazingly the keychain i wanted was half off. what’s the probability…

if you know me.. i don’t believe in coincidence. i don’t believe in chance. things happen for a reason.. and i’m still trying to figure out what the reason for certain things is.. even something as small as the keychain… well.. susan knows the symbolism of it…

i have a new cd in my cd changer… cd #5 – korean drama music. that’s right, i traded my new favorite happy song mix cd for korean drama music… *shrug.. i don’t understand anything they sing about but.. driving alone to dinner on saturday through traffic… i felt such a lonliness listening to the songs… i actually heard one song before.. track 12. kiss – because i’m a girl. i’ve seen the music video of it. it’s.. pretty.. sad… i’ll send it to you if you want.

another good memory song…

spice girls – stop

“stop right now

thank you very much

i need somebody with a human touch”

2 years ago, at kayamm… matt and i came back to civilization for the first time in 3 weeks. for the first time, we saw electricity, running water… an indoor store. we were actually on the top floor of some mall in a cafe. the cafe was playing some fast filipino music when this song came up. it was the first time i heard english speaking music that wasn’t church related in awhile. i remember, the waitress came to us to get our order and she was singing the song very softly. so i stood up and sang the chorus with her.

i find it amazing how.. songs can take me back to so many different times in my life. my deepest feelings i felt when i first heard the song comes to me when i hear the song again. happiness, sadness, anxiety…. i find it amazing, that even after years of not hearing a song, i can sing the chorus to most of them.

“desperate for changing

Starving for truth

I’m closer to where i started

I’m chasing after you…”

i haven’t written a real blog in a while now. it’s just been bits and pieces of conversations i’ve had with people during the day. so, i figured before i fall asleep at the ungodly hour of one tonight, i’d write about something. the song lyrics above are hanging by the moment by lifehouse. i was talking to danny last night and he told me of a john mayer song that was one of his all time favorites – st. patricks day. it’s on my profile right now.. i looked over my mp3’s and tried to figure out which mp3’s are my all time favorites. songs that no matter have many times i hear them… when i hear it again, it makes me stop and listen.

lifehouse – hanging by a moment

the lyrics are so awesome. i think the band is pretty awesome and i like most of the songs they sing.

norah jones – don’t know why

“my heart is drenched in wine,

and you’ll be on my mind.. forever”

her voice is so sexy. so smooth. i’ve always jokingly said if i met a korean girl who could play and sing like that, i’d marry her in an instant. last year at puc campmeeting, someone was actually playing it at the piano! i don’t really talk to her much.. but she agreed to play it at the talent show next year.. we’ll see how that goes

cake – never there

“(dial tone)….

i need your arms around me

i need to feel your touch…”

it’s a happy song. i love cake. puts me in a good mood whenever i hear it

puff daddy – i’ll be missing you

“every step i take

every move i make

every single day

every time i pray

i’ll be missing you”

i’m not sure why i like this song so much. it’s not my favorite genre. but whenever i hear it.. i feel.. sad.. like i lost something… yet.. good feelings.

bbmak – miss you more

“so here i am all by myself

thinking about you and no one else”

another song i don’t really know why i like listening to it. but it gets me in a odd warm euphoria.

phil collins – you’ll be in my heart

“you’ll be in heart

no matter what they say

you’ll be here in my heart


john mayer – no such thing

“i wanna run through the halls of my highschool

i wanna scream at the top of my lungs”

i feel like.. anything’s possible when i listen to this song. that following the norm isn’t always a necessity.

fastball – out of my head

“was i out of my head

was i out of my mind

how could i’ve ever be so blind

i was waiting for an indication

it was hard to find”

i think fastball did the remake of this song. it’s one of the first secular songs i learned on the guitar. words are simple. verses are simple. straight to the point about something complicated.

everclear – i will buy you a new life

“i will buy a garden

where your flowers can bloom

i will buy you a new car

perfect shiny and blue”

i’m not sure if this is a favorite.. i just like everclear.

oddly, missing from here is jimmie’s chicken shack – do right. after i played it at puc campmeeting a couple years ago, i’ve played it maybe twice since. maybe the part of me that enjoyed this song, died there.

if you ever wanted to see what the big picture of my buddy icon was.. here it is. from left to right it’s joe, art, me. man.. that’s gotta be like.. 15 years ago. so much has changed since those happy go lucky days.

i was looking over my blogger archives. and oddly enough i have never once mentioned patty in any of my blogs. i’m thinking i probably.. mentioned her before but didn’t say her name.

here’s a run down of mentioning of names

jooree – 29

andy – 17

joe – 14

jina – 12

gloria – 11

jennifer – 10

susan – 9

oddly enough.. i’ve mentioned a grace… only 6 times. with the influx of graces i know or knew, i’m surprised the name only comes up that many times… why do i talk about jooree so much?

i’m not sure what else to write about. hmm.. i guess i can talk about love again cause it’s been on my mind of late. love is a complicating thing. everytime i pray to God and scream, “can’t you throw me a bone here.” he throws me a curveball. or a splitter. or a fastball.. have you ever tried hitting 80-90 mph after being in the 55-65 mph cage? you’re just not ready for it. either way i thank God for letting me have the chance to swing

i’m tired

can i rest my head on your shoulder?

i’m lost

where is this going?

so beautiful

are you a snowflake?

“… I’m falling even more in love with you

Letting go of all i’ve held on to

I’m standing here until you make me move

I’m hanging by a moment here with you”

wise old snoopy

jenncha86: he’s so cute though

TIMe ToIM TIM: i’d.. hope so

TIMe ToIM TIM: you think i’m cute?

jenncha86: matt

jenncha86: silly

TIMe ToIM TIM: nono

TIMe ToIM TIM: i’m asking

TIMe ToIM TIM: do you think i’m cute

jenncha86: uhm

jenncha86: yes

TIMe ToIM TIM: really

jenncha86: well i can’t really say i think i’ve known you too long to look at you again for the first time

jenncha86: but yes to me you are adorable

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

TIMe ToIM TIM: i’m adorable?

jenncha86: yes

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha.. sweet

jennifer just made my day

idrathabshort: lol..i’m so gay >_<
TIMe ToIM TIM: you’re gay?

idrathabshort: n ono

idrathabshort: no no*

idrathabshort: lol

idrathabshort: nvr mind

TIMe ToIM TIM: you’re confusing me

idrathabshort: TIMe ToIM TIM: why do you say that <- do u want..an honest answer..or...a nice..answer
TIMe ToIM TIM: honest

idrathabshort: hehe..umm…bleh….ur getting old tim..:-\ u should…date some grlz…b4 getting married…don’t spend too much time on one grl..& thinking that…nothing’s ever gonna happen….do something about it..wen u have feelings..for someone…u kno??? [wow…i sound…really weird today…but yea…:-D]

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

TIMe ToIM TIM: i’m.. getting old..

TIMe ToIM TIM: thanks..

idrathabshort: sigh..u wanted an honest answer..:-)

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

TIMe ToIM TIM: what would’ve the nice answer been

idrathabshort: hahahaha..i knew u were gonna pick..honest….so y even bother?

TIMe ToIM TIM: i wanna know the nice answer

idrathabshort: honestly….i dont know what the nice answer is

TIMe ToIM TIM: so.. either way you were gonna tell me i’m getting old

idrathabshort: no…!

idrathabshort: ah..don’t get madd!

i tend to.. miss the point

TIMe ToIM TIM: i just want someone to cuddle with

Juryxoxoxo: ha ha

Juryxoxoxo: is that a huge hint? or just something you want

TIMe ToIM TIM: could be a little of both

Juryxoxoxo: ha ha

Juryxoxoxo: tim you never change

Juryxoxoxo: i lilke that

TIMe ToIM TIM: hmm.. that’s not a good thing

Juryxoxoxo: why not?

TIMe ToIM TIM: cause..

TIMe ToIM TIM: i’m getting older

TIMe ToIM TIM: and i’m the same person

Juryxoxoxo: more or less

Juryxoxoxo: well

Juryxoxoxo: nto exactly the same

Juryxoxoxo: but still

Juryxoxoxo: constant

Juryxoxoxo: thats what i meant

Juryxoxoxo: you’re a very constant person

TIMe ToIM TIM: predictable

Juryxoxoxo: ha ha

Juryxoxoxo: you’re not

Juryxoxoxo: thats the contradiction

TIMe ToIM TIM: that makes no sense

TIMe ToIM TIM: i’m unpredicatably constant

Juryxoxoxo: yup

TIMe ToIM TIM: what’s.. that mean

Juryxoxoxo: i don’t know

Juryxoxoxo: your…………actions are constant

Juryxoxoxo: you go to school everyday

Juryxoxoxo: more or less

Juryxoxoxo: you go to church

Juryxoxoxo: etc

Juryxoxoxo: you eat baja fresh at least once a week

Juryxoxoxo: etc

Juryxoxoxo: but your thoughts

Juryxoxoxo: are so unpredictable

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

TIMe ToIM TIM: how do you know i go to baja fresh every week

TIMe ToIM TIM: i just had it yesterday

Juryxoxoxo: ha ha

TIMe ToIM TIM: and.. last .. friday

Juryxoxoxo: see

TIMe ToIM TIM: and hte saturday before that

Juryxoxoxo: and you almost always get the bean burrito

TIMe ToIM TIM: i always do

Juryxoxoxo: and you like the grilled leeks with it

Juryxoxoxo: and you get a coke

TIMe ToIM TIM: actually

TIMe ToIM TIM: i get jalapenos now too

Juryxoxoxo: ohh see?

Juryxoxoxo: change

TIMe ToIM TIM: yet.. the same

Juryxoxoxo: yes

TIMe ToIM TIM: haha

Juryxoxoxo: sigh