i feel.. very off today.. there’s this feeling i get whenever i go into a hot spa for a really long time, and then come out.. and it’s cold.. my body feels.. warm but cold at the same time.. anyways.. although i wasn’t in a spa for a really long time.. or anything of the sort.. except .. i guess showering.. i have the feeling.. and i’ve had the feeling all day.. i just feel.. warm.. but i feel cold… i was blasting hot air in my car .. but.. i could never get it hot enough… i ate some eggs today.. maybe that’s why…

anyways.. i had this conversation with ted about getting the tattoo…

RatBrat22: maybe in the inner thigh

RatBrat22: hahahha

time To IM tim: inner thigh

time To IM tim: haha

RatBrat22: only way u can show is to strip and spread

time To IM tim: haha

time To IM tim: yah

RatBrat22: and after awhile you’ll be like.. eh i don’t feel like showing it to u anymore

RatBrat22: hahah

time To IM tim: i don’t think anyone would want to see it

RatBrat22: i dunno man..

RatBrat22: tim: “i got a tattoo..”

RatBrat22: other person: “really? let me see it!”

time To IM tim: haha

RatBrat22: tim: option1: “umm.. nah”

RatBrat22: tim: option2: “alright. [strip and spread]”

RatBrat22: other: “WHAT THE!”

time To IM tim: haha

RatBrat22: option2 tim: “why did i do that..”

RatBrat22: hahahhaa

time To IM tim: i could put it on my butt

RatBrat22: hahahha

anyways.. he’s against it.. eh.. what do you think?