man.. i’m so sore right now.. it’s been.. two days since football but still.. my muscles are aching.. no no.. they’re not bruises.. matter of fact.. i wasn’t tackled once.. nor.. flag pulled .. or.. two hand touched… though.. i did play pretty much.. 4 hours straight… i got to tchs at.. 10.. and.. there was no one there.. i actually ran around the track once to occupy myself… but yah.. eventually people came… there was.. 30 in all i believe… 18 from la central..

1st hour was touch

2-3 hour was flag

4th hour was tackle

anyways… yah.. when i was running though.. i could totally tell i was gaining weight.. feels like.. my legs were running through water or sand or something.. i didn’t enjoy it at all.. sigh.. so.. i gotta start running again.. i run every friday around tc.. but… maybe it’s time for me to start my everyday running again… i need someone to run with… why is it so much easier to run when there’s someone there with you? shrug… a lot of things seem easier when someone else is there…