ok.. this survey was off of jooree’s xanga awhile back..

Name three bad habits you have: procrastination, laziness, apathy

Name four scents you love: laundry out of the dryer, lotion from bath and body (forgot the kind), herbal essenses, apple pie (i copied this off the earlier survey

Name four things you’d never wear: tighty-whities, woman’s underwear, basketball jersey

Name four animals you like: falcon, martin, wolf, platypus

Name four television shows you love: scrubs, west wing, smallville, simpsons

Name four bands/groups most people don’t know you like: dixie chicks, michelle branch, john mayer, eminem

Name four drinks you regularly drink: cherry coke, barqs, water, pepsi

Name four random facts about yourself: i’ve broken both my arms, i’ve had two girlfriends.. one lasted a week, i have the number 53 in my car, i like football

Name four random facts about your family: we haven’t moved since i was born, we have 3 infiniti/nissan cars, we have a grand piano, we just got a dvd player

Fallen for your Best Friend?: i’ve become best friends with someone i’d once fallen for

Made out with JUST a friend?: hmm..maybe

Been rejected?: like stood up? bora always stands me up

Been in love?: yup

Been in lust?: yup

Used someone?: used them for ?

Been used?: i feel used a lot

Cheated on someone?: one week girlfriend

Been cheated on?: hmm.. i’ve felt like it

Done something you regret?: hmm.. i’ve never done anything i haven’t learned from

Who was the last person..

You touched?: probably jooree

You talked to?: jooree again

You hugged?: wow.. gotta think back… i think it had to have been jina

You instant messaged?: jooree, she always ims me

You yelled at?: i didn’t yell at her, but i had an argument with grace

You laughed with?: probably jooree again

You had a crush on?: wouldn’t you like to know

Who broke your heart?: hmm.. a lot of people

Color your hair?: hmm.. when i went to the philippines

Have tattoos?: i’m thinking about getting one

Piercings?: no

Floss daily?: no

Own a webcam?: no

Have aol?: yes

What should you be doing right now?: sleeping

What are you listening to?: nothing

Can you do anything freakish with your body?: like.. what?

Chicken or fish?: i’m vegetarian

Do you have a favorite animal?: these questions seem to be redundant

Is ice cream the best thing in the world?: hmm.. sure

Single flower or a dozen?: the less you pay for flowers, the more you can spend on other things

Silver, gold or platinum?: shrug

Candle lit dinner in a restaurant or at home? one of my fantasy’s is a girl that cooks for me only wearing an apron

Roses or wild flowers?: hmm.. where do you find wild flowers in LA

Silly or serious romance?: i don’t know what this is asking

Marvin Gaye or Barry white?: (deep voice) you’re my first, my last, my everything

Do you consider yourself a romantic?: hmm… maybe…

Shy?: i think i am, i don’t think others think i am

Quiet?: when i’m tired

What did u do today?: i bought and watched the movie amadeus

Today Have You . . .

Laughed?: yes

Helped someone?: hmm… i told my dad how to use the dvd player

Cut your hair?: no

Kissed someone?: no

Missed someone?: yes

Told someone you love them?: no

Hugged someone?: no

Met someone new?: no

Talked to someone you have a crush on?: hmm…

What CD is in your CD player right now?: madden 2003

Favorite Disney Characters?: the guy from mulan

Favorite fast food?: in-n-out, carl’s jr

Favorite book?: hmm..

Favorite Sports teams?: dodgers

Favorite song?: puddle of mudd – she hates me

What is your shoe size?: 9.5

What will you be when you grow up?: a computer scientist