well.. it seems like i haven’t updated this in sometime… actually.. i did write something here last week, but for some reason blogger decided to delete it… shrug.. whatever… anyways.. it’s been an interesting last two weeks for me… life has .. been.. interesting.. i gave blood last friday.. and i don’t think my body’s recovered from the lack of blood yet… man, friday night was the worse. i went camping at camp cedar falls and.. i remember the woman that drew my blood told me, “drink a lot of water” but.. i guess since it was cold the last couple months… (it being winter and all) all the drinking fountains were out of order.. the only one available was up the hill in the main lodge… so… i didn’t drink a lot of water on friday..

and.. i couldn’t sleep that night.. man.. it wasn’t really that my throat felt like sand paper.. my body just felt dry.. i kept trying to sleep so i didn’t have to walk up the hill until the next morning for breakfast.. but.. around 4 or 5.. i decided i would die if i didn’t get water … so.. i got up.. and started the hike up to the top. it was pretty cold that night, and i had just shorts and a tshirt on… seemed like a long trip.. but yah.. i finally got to the drinking fountain.. and.. i stayed in the lodge for an hour. when i drank the water i felt like throwing up.. but i just forced myself to drink more….

anyways.. ever since then.. my body.. hasn’t been right… i’m tired real often.. and my face feels like it’s been attacked.. i’ve never had chap lips on my lower lip before.. until this weekend.. i feel like throwing up when i drink water still.. hopefully all of this’ll pass soon… cause..

it’s super bowl sunday this weekend.. yay!… i am so excited… i’ve been wanting to play football .. for .. so long.. ever since we played at mammoth.. i just want to take someone out… anyone.. hmmm.. jukes… hehehe.. but yah.. my ankles still not fully recovered.. and i did something to my wrist at camp cedar falls.. hopefully.. everything will be fine and dandy by then… i doubt it… jina told me i shouldn’t play.. said i’d regret it years from now.. i already regret it.. sometimes.. i do the littlelest thing.. and pain.. unbearable pain… i’ll be fine.. what’s a little pain anyways.. physical pain goes away…

emotional pain… valentines is coming up… one of my closest friends keeps telling me how lonely she is.. i don’t know.. it’s kinda weird cause .. i just never thought of her to be the type to actually say that.. but yah…

jennifer still is trying to figure out who my little crush is… i think it’s more than just a little crush now.. but either way… have you ever… thought of someone but.. all you can think of is.. i shouldn’t be thinking about this person… shrug… i dont’ know what i’m talking about..

i’ve got a headache