i’ve been sitting here at home waiting and waiting for the real estate brokers from my mom’s place to come to do estimates on the house.. they were supposed to come at 2.. it’s 4 now.. they still haven’t come.. i’m getting kinda hungry… i have a feeling.. if i leave the house for 15 minutes.. the people will come then.. shrug.. with my luck.. i’m sure that’s what’ll happen.. anyways.. yah.. if you put two and two together.. my house is going on sale.. which means… there’s a good chance i’m moving. i don’t know where to.. i’ve never moved in my life.. i grew up in the room i live in today. here’s a tiny snippet of a conversation i had with andy.

time To IM tim : i might move

And4 Lee : to where?

time To IM tim : i don’t know

And4 Lee : that…

And4 Lee : would be weird

time To IM tim : yes

time To IM tim : but my house is going to go on sale

time To IM tim : we remodeled the kitchen

And4 Lee : why are you selling it?

And4 Lee : i think i would cry

And4 Lee : if you moved away

time To IM tim : she wants a bigger backyard

time To IM tim : hahaha

And4 Lee : move closer to my house

time To IM tim : it’ll probably be to another place in san gabriel or temple city

time To IM tim : but there’s a chance i might move somewhere else

time To IM tim : my mom doesn’t like the houses on sale right now

time To IM tim : i dont’ know

moving out of the san gabriel valley… moving out of LA.. i can’t even fathom that.. i remember the day that we got rid of my pontiac firebird.. my first car.. i almost cried. i don’t know how i’d take a move.. but it’s inevitable i guess… life goes on… things change.. mr roger’s dies. sigh.. who’ll be my neighbor…

man.. i haven’t been able to sleep at night.. i mean.. i have been.. going to bed.. at .. 11:30 ish.. maybe 12.. but.. i just.. have really disturbed sleep at night. maybe i have a snoring problem and i just keep waking myself up.. no no.. i don’t think that’s it… i guess there’s just too many things running through my mind right now.. sigh.. yah.. things to stress about… i’ve been having some really intense dreams.. i don’t quite remember what they’re about.. i think a couple of them have been of people telling me that they don’t love me or something.. people i don’t know.. coming up to me and saying that in my dream… it’s really.. odd.. so much happening all at once.. i wake up every morning with a large headache…

i’m thinking about running a half marathon.. i’ve always wanted to run the LA marathon.. but registrations always like.. in december when the race is in april or something.. but.. there’s a half marathon in la jolla and i was talking to… andee about it.. and she got me really pumped up to do it.. i just have to find someone that will train with me.. hmm.. i haven’t ran since i screwed up my ankle last october.. which…

i realized.. isn’t fully healed yet.. every once in a while.. i land on it wrong and i get a sharp pain up my leg.. my wrist feels weird too. i’ve gotten all these injuries playing basketball… what’s with that? i never get hurt playing football or baseball.. man.. i want to go to the batting cage… and i’m hungry.. and .. will the week every end?