i was looking over the lyrics that i posted yesterday.. and i realized.. some of the words in the song are different from what i thought they were… for example.. instead of… “i’m so slow”.. i thought it said.. “i’m so so”.. like.. i’ve been better or worse.. or.. hmm.. asi asi in spanish… and .. another line is.. “please comfort me”… i thought it say.. “please come for me” which works with the line in front of it of.. my god, it’s been so long.. it’d be a very spiritual line .. if they.. just .. took the t out.. anyways.. yah.. still like the song.. so.. whatever

i washed my car today.. it’s the first time i did in.. hmm.. since.. la central had a car wash.. and that’s.. quite a long time ago.. i don’t know why i haven’t been paying attention to my car… there’s so many knicks and scratches on it.. grrr… and for some reason.. on the doors on the right side of the car… oil comes out.. i’m not sure why.. it’s more waxy than oily.. but it doesn’t come out from the left side.. i don’t get it..

i got a haircut finally.. yes.. it’s like a load off my mind.. well it’s like.. hair off my head.. but yah.. my head feels all cool now.. and… hmm.. i had 3 white hairs.. i’m not sure what’s going on.. do i have my dad’s white hair syndrome… shrug.. i’m getting older… but aren’t we all..

eh… flaming hot french fries.. mmm.. anyways… i’m gonna try to sleep at 11 again today.. it’s pretty hard… but eventually i get tired enough to sleep.. i woke up at 7 this morning.. there’s so little to do at seven in the morning.. and there’s nothing on.. makes the day seem so much longer though.. but it seems like i didn’t waste the important parts of it… hmm.. yah.. so i’m gonna try it again today…