alright.. i’ve been thinking.. it’s.. about 2 in the morning right now.. and yes.. i’m still awake.. actually.. to me, it doesn’t even seem late… which is kinda odd.. cause, well.. it’s almost 2 in the morning… there’s no one online right now to talk to.. hmm.. actually no, jullie just signed on, but i doubt we’ll talk.. anyways.. i really have no reason to be up at this hour… i don’t think i really have any reason to be up at 1 for that matter… so yah..

a man can take watching so many infomercials in his lifetime.. and i think i surpassed it.. yesterday.. there was this one infomercial that was on 3 channels at the same time.. though.. i don’t remember what it’s about… that’s.. in … credible… so yah.. i’m done with sleeping late.. nothing happens at this hour anyways… and i miss too much of the morning when i sleep late.. so.. for now on.. no more staying up past 1.. no more being online for no reason past 12… no more.. i gotta start waking up earlier.. wow.. if i got to see 7 oclock in the morning.. or even.. 6… hmm… yah.. starting.. tomorrow…

on other news… hmmm.. i just got windows xp.. and i love it.. it’s.. so.. great.. yes.. great.. problem is, it totally slowed down my madden 2003 play.. it’s amazing that it’s been.. 5 days since i’ve installed it.. and today was the first day i played it… what is the world coming to.. anyways.. it makes me wanna upgrade my computer again… though..

my funds are pretty low… i’m seriously contemplating cashing in my coin mug.. i think i have almost a hundred dollars in that thing… but either way.. i’m seriously.. doubting going snowboarding this weekend with rosemead. they keep commenting on how they’ve never seen me board before.. it’s no big deal.. i don’t do anything spectacular… hmm.. yah… so instead.. i guess it’s the la central valentines banquet for me..

people keep asking me who i’m going to go with.. “have you asked anyone yet” “why haven’t you asked?”.. well.. it’s a church banquet.. the question i get more is.. “who’s your crush?”.. i just don’t want to say.. is it really that important?.. they’re starting to make a real big deal out of it… susan said she’d die if she didn’t know.. shrug.. anyways… a guy’s gotta keep something’s on the downlow, you know?.. hehe.. anyways.. i was planning on going stag… but .. i forgot who i was talking to.. probably.. jooree.. but they’re like.. but it’s a banquet.. you have to go with someone… i don’t know.. when the times right.. i’ll ask that special someone.. only if the times right… til then.. i’m peachy keen on how things are right now…

which.. brings me to another question i’ve been asked quite a bit… “what’re you doing on valentines day”… me?.. i’m going to church.. if you want a date, you can find me there

“next time you see the moon during the day, make a wish on it.. and maybe you’ll find your special star at night…”