taken from jooree’s xanga

I am: individual who marches to his own drummer

I believe: life is like a box a God’s chocolate… you never know what you’re gonna get, but he knows

I think: i’m getting old

I want: to improve my car in some way

I wish: on the moon whenever i see it during the day

I hate: when people think outloud. when people cut me offline.

I miss: you.. probably

I fear: looking down from the second floor to the first floor at malls

I hear: the quiet buzz of my overworked computer

I smell: fish… the kind that only koreans eat

I crave: ice cream.. why do i like it so much these days..?

I search: for a job.. i need one.. maybe i’ll go to a temp agency

I regret: eating that whole burrito

I love: playing football in the rain

I long: for.. i don’t think i’ve ever said i’ve longed for anything before…

I always: get what i need.. not always what i want

I dance: in my car

I sing: sing a song. make it simple. to last your whole life long.

I cry: when i stub my toe

I can`t stand: quitters, whiners and show offs

I lose: .. my mind?

I like: butts and i can not lie

I listen: to.. my QCD player

I need: to start running again

I am happy that: february is that shortest month of the year

I should: get offline

I hope: i learn something new every day

I obsess: about… i don’t know

I am not always: happy with how things are going