ok… this survey … came from someone’s xanga site that jooree showed me.. turns out to be someone from church’s little sister.. small world we live in, huh?.. anyways.. it’s close to 4 in the morning.. so.. i might not be totally of sane mind.. either way.. enjoy

[Name]: timothy lynn-won myung

[Nicknames]: tim, lynn, dork

[Age you act]: hmm… after a certain age… isn’t it all the same?

[Height]: 5’7″

[Where Do You Live]: in the house i grew up in

[Where you want to live]: i’ve always wanted to see the changes of the seasons

[Birthplace]: arcadia, ca


[pictured ur crush naked?]: don’t think i have

[actually seen ur crush naked]: i saw her ankle… wow.. that was sexy

[been in love]: hmm… in a way yes

[cried when someone died]: no

[drank alcohol]: medince would be alcohol

[fallen for ur best friend]: i think i’ve answered this before

[been rejected]: yes

[rejected someone]: hmm.. in a sense i guess

[used someone]: hmm.. i guess in a way

[been cheated on]: i could say yes

[done something u regret]: hmm.. not really

[Been In Jail]: no

[DoneDrugs]: medicinal purposes

[Run Away from home]: hmm.. pretty often

[Hit A Boy]: uh… i think this survey may have been made for a girl

[Broken A Bone]: yes, both my arms

[Cheated On A Test]: yes, quite often

[Let a friend cry on your shoulder]: yes

[Fell asleep in the shower/bath]: why.. would anyone fall asleep showering?

[walked in on someone changing or showering]: yes, yes i have

[Gone to Church]: uh.. never

[Never slept during a night]: huh?… i recall sleeping during a night

[Seen someone die]: no

[Thought you were in love]: hmm.. probably

[Stayed up till 4 am on the phone]: it’s .. 3:35 right now.. technically.. being online is using the phone, right?


[what do u notice first?]: her smile

[last person u slow danced with]: umm.. i don’t remember

[worst thing to say]: hmm.. i don’t get this

[do you have a crush]: i suppose i do


[Memory Of The year]: hmm.. i remember.. shrug.. playing football?

[Possession]: i guess.. it has to be my car

[Food]: i used to love ukaejang.. but.. now.. i guess an in-n-out grilled cheese

[Love Song]: umm… i can’t tihnk of one right now

[Favorite movie]: mm… i guess the first dvd i bought was amadeus .. so i guess that

[Favorite Book]: hmm… shrug

[Favorite Type of music]: rock

[Favorite types of cars]: i like my jetta… but other cars would be… pontiac firebird 69, volvo s70, saab 9^3

[Favorite Saying]: when nature calls, there’s no answering machine

[Favorite Fast Food]: in-n-out

[Favorite Ice Cream]: strawberry

[Favorite Alcoholic Drink]: sudafed

[Favorite holiday]: thanksgiving

[Favorite Food]: wait.. this is a repeat

[Favorite Song]: hmm… audioslave – like a stone

[Favorite Television Show(s)]: alias, west wing, king pin, practice

[Your Ideal BF/GF]: i don’t know


[Took A Shower]: this morning

[Cried]: don’t.. remember

[Watched a Disney movie]: i think.. i just saw one recently

[Received a hug]: it’s.. been awhile


[School]: hmm.. that’s not quite set yet

[Where You Want To Live]: man.. another repeat

[How Many Kids You Want]: 3 or 4

[What Kind Of Job You Want]: computer scientist

[i want]: you to want me

[i wish]: on the moon when you see it during the day

[i love]: learning something knew

[i miss]: shoe

[i fear]: a girl climbing out of a well

[i wonder]: if i’ll be able to wake up tomorrow morning

[how do u kno its love?] when you don’t have to ask if it is