Growing up happens in a heartbeat.

One day you’re in diapers; the next day you’re gone.

But the memories of childhood stay with you

for the long haul.

I remember a place ….. a town ….. a house

like a lot of houses……

A yard like a lot of other yards….

On a street like a lot of other streets.

And the thing is ….. After all these years,

I still look back … with WONDER.

what you just read is the last words said on the last episode of the tv show, “wonder years”. andy imed it to me today.. and i found it.. very.. intersting.. he loves the show btw. i remember watching it a lot when i was younger.. yah.. anyways…

hmm.. i went to see ‘stomp’ today… it was pretty fun.. here’s a conversation i had with joe –

time To IM tim: stomp.. was alright

time To IM tim: was it worth.. 45 bucks

time To IM tim: i don’t know about that..

JoEKiNG 5 3 0: hahaha

JoEKiNG 5 3 0: heard u missed the first scene or something

time To IM tim: o

time To IM tim: yah..

time To IM tim: it’s ok

time To IM tim: i saw it on pbs

JoEKiNG 5 3 0: hahaha

JoEKiNG 5 3 0: was it exactly the same?

time To IM tim: hmm..

time To IM tim: kinda

time To IM tim: more longer

JoEKiNG 5 3 0: lol

time To IM tim: they only showed.. like.. the best parts of it on pbs

time To IM tim: so .. i got to see the crap parts

JoEKiNG 5 3 0: ohhh

JoEKiNG 5 3 0: hahahha

JoEKiNG 5 3 0: so u paid 45 bucks to see the crap parts?

i found myself.. dozing off in the beginning.. but when new stuff came up… i was wide wake.. i loved the thing they did with the zippo lighters.. i thought that was very cool.. the basketball one was pretty cool too.. sometimes.. though.. so much was happening at one time.. it just sounded like noise… noise with a beat. will i want to ever see it again?.. probably not.. but.. it was still a good experience either way…

afterwards.. we went to go eat some ice cream and cookies at… diddy reise.. cookie’s are just 35 cents there… i had… mint chocolate chip ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies.. mmmm.. anyways.. after we got the ice cream.. we all stood in a circle talking to each other.. jennifer’s friend was talking and.. everyone was listening to her.. i was getting really tired… and i saw a chair in the distance.. so i walked over to it.. picked it up.. brought it back to the circle and sat down kinda.. behind the group…

“that’s our tim”

“have you met tim myung yet?”

what the heck does that mean? hahaha… shrug… i was tired… so i wanted to sit down… do i do this a lot?.. hmm..