tuesdays are already.. learn a little about tim day on this website… thursdays will be.. lyrics to a song day.. umm.. a lot of people have asked me about the song on my profile.. its matchbox 20 – unwell. anyways.. i’ve always loved listening to matchbox 20.. if you look at the mp3’s on my computer.. the most i have of one band is jimmie’s chicken shack. second is lifehouse. and the third is matchbox 20. anyways.. here’s the lyrics to one of their new songs.. i don’t think it’s one of the best songs.. but.. it’s interesting and i like the chorus.. it’s called

hand me down –

Someday they’ll find your small town world

On a big town avenue

Gonna make you like the way they talk

When they’re talking to you

Gonna make you break out of your shell

‘Cause they tell you to

Gonna make you like the way they lie

Better than the truth

They’ll tell you everything

You wanted someone else to say

They’re gonna break your heart, yeah


From what I’ve seen

You’re just one more hand me down

‘Cause no one’s tried to give you

What you need

So lay all your troubles down

I am with you now

Somebody oughta take you in

Try to make you love again

Try to make you like the way they feel

When they’re under your skin

Never once do you think that they would lie

When they’re holding you

Then you wonder why they haven’t called

When they said they’d call you

You’ll start to wonder

If you’re ever gonna make it by

You’ll start to think

You were born blind


I’m here for the hard times

The straight to your heart times

When living ain’t easy

You can stand up against me

And maybe rely on me

And cry on me, yeah

Oh no, no, no

Someday they’ll open up your world

Shake you down to the drawing board

They’ll do their best to change you

They still can’t erase you


Lay them down on me

Oh yeah

You’re just one more hand me down

And all those nights

Don’t give you what you need

So lay all your troubles down

On me


i actually had the lyrics of another song up earlier.. but.. hmm.. i decided to change it cause it didn’t quite.. portray how i felt.. this.. song doesn’t either.. shrug… matchbox twenty songs are so depressing.. but i’m actually in a pretty decent mood.. so yah..

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