well it’s.. almost 3 and.. i’m still up… so is jooree.. and julie ha for that matter.. why’re they up at this hour.. aren’t they going snowboarding tomorrow?… jooree’s laughing at me right now because she says i can’t sleep because i didn’t talk to someone tonight.. maybe it’s true.. but i’m not going to admit it. she says it’s cute..

be quiet jooree..

i’m not cute

anyways… yah.. so i decided.. eh.. why not work on my website.. i’ve learned some new code the other day.. and.. i’ve been excited to put it on my website.. man.. i’m such a nerd sometimes.. getting excited over code.. shrug.. anyways… i was talking to jooree today and.. i realized… i hate seeing myself talk. like.. if there’s a mirror in front of me.. i can’t look at it and talk at the same time.. i just want to tell myself to shut up when i do.. am i .. being weird?

did you know we’re in war with iraq?.. well.. if you haven’t been watching any tv the last couple days.. or been listening to the radio… or reading the newspaper.. or had any contact with anything other than this website.. you might not know.. so.. i decided to.. post it.. man.. i think for a couple hours.. they just showed tanks driving across the desert.. i mean.. do we really care?.. i keep asking myself.. “are we there yet?” no .. we’re not.. it’s not like they’re going to show the tanks shooting anything.. just.. going across endless desert.. just think about the people in the bible that had to walk across that…

getting tired..