i haven’t been up this late in a while… welll that’s not true.. i was up this hour on the weekend. i haven’t been up this late on a weekday in a while.. and sitting at my computer, looking at my screen, i realize.. i really have no reason to be up at this hour. i don’t think i’ve missed much of anything the past couples weeks sleeping early.. and i guess that’s a really good thing.. but i don’t know.. jooree’s supposedly gonna call me, so i have to stay up.. cause i hate it when she wakes me up when i’m sleeping.. so.. here i am.. up past 11… sigh..

so i was thinking.. why not.. write in blogger.. hmm.. it’d be my second time today… but.. i did neglect writing anything the week before, so.. i guess it’s due.. i was reading over my blog from a couple days ago.. about mr. rogers dying.. you know.. that’s a reoccuring thing in a lot of other peoples websites i’ve read. most people don’t say much about it.. just that he died.. or .. something about.. “won’t you be my neighbor?” or something of that sort.. but that pretty much was the epitome of what he was.. our neighbor.. i watch shows like.. home improvement or .. king of the hill.. where their neighbors are so close to them.. they share their moments and share advice. spend time together…

i don’t know whom my neighbors are. i know the people that live in front of me are chinese. and i know the people that live behind me have grand kids.. but that’s all.. i know.. the names of the people that live across from me.. but i don’t know their last names.. and.. i don’t even know who moved into the house at the end of the culdesac..

anyways… you know.. mr. rogers was a preacher. and one day he was watching tv and he said, i don’t like what’s on tv, and i’m going to make it better.. and with that, he changed the lives of children over a period of 3 decades. when he died, everyone cared that he died. everyone said.. o, i learned something from him.. or.. i lost a neighbor today..

kinda made me wonder what people would say when i die.. what do you think they’d say if you died?