my sister compares me to linus when i was little.. there are a lot of similarities.. hmm.. i carried a security blanket till i was 6. i have an older sister. i did a lot of thinking.. my korean name is.. lynn.. ok.. i’m kinda stretching it now. but yah.. i don’t know..

this weekend was.. pretty.. decent.. a lot of it didn’t go as planned. instead of going to zuma beach on saturday with church.. i went to another beach with two people, joe and gloria.. we were looking for zuma beach.. but we kept getting lost.. anyways, we just decided to park some where and play catch for a little bit.. and i left my watch at the beach.. i realized that when i got to dr parks house.. and so.. we decided to drive back 20 minutes to see if we could find it on the beach.. and even though the beach we went to was in a remote area, we found it pretty easily.. by the time we got to the beach though, it was dark. we had two flashlights that were about to run out of batteries.. but.. we searched the area.. after not being able to find it, i walked off to the water.. and i said a little prayer.. when i was done.. i walked back and the first place i looked, i found my watch. amazing really.. the silver band was kinda sticking out of the sand.. and it was in a place that i swear i looked before…

later, i talked to joe about it.. and i told him, “you know.. i went to the water to pray about it.. “and.. he told me he did too.. i find it kinda weird.. that we couldn’t just.. all together pray together.. or that, we did it in secret on our own.. i mean.. church is our common bond. last friday’s lesson was about being a team. but.. i don’t think i could ever say to someone from church.. let’s pray about finding my watch.. or something of that sort. shrug..

today church was supposed to play baseball.. but it ended up being just, me, andy, pastor, sarah and jullie.. though there wasn’t a lot of people.. i had a lot of fun.. we made up a game of our own.. i won 6-3-4. it’s great to see andy again.