i don’t know how to start this blog.. i’m dead tired right now.. not that i did much today.. i woke up.. pretty late.. but all day.. i’ve been.. just zoning out.. haven’t been able to concentrate much.. just .. stuff on my mind… i don’t know.. last saturday, i spent the night at ben’s place. i can’t really say we had a sleepover.. cause.. well i didn’t sleep.. ben just got an xbox.. and.. we played.. allstar baseball 2003 all night. i’m amazed how many games we played… every game after.. 3 was the last game…

“last game?”



“one more?”

“alright, but last game”

hehe.. the last game ended with a walk off homerun by soriano. yay.. the joy.. anyways.. we finally slept at.. 8.. but.. woke up at 2 to go to a wedding.. i don’t know…

it was kinda weird being at the wedding.. last one i’ve been to was my sisters.. and i don’t recall ever going to another one before that… since i went to my uncles which was.. 8 years ago?.. shrug… the first thing my mom asked me when i got back was.. so.. when’re you getting married..

i always planned on getting married at 25.. my parents got married at 25. my sister was married at 25. i just.. figured.. that’s the age when it’s right.. but.. i’m .. 21 now… turning 22 very soon.. and that.. 25 year deadline.. seems to be creeping closer and closer.. i think at 18.. i would’ve guarenteed being married at.. 25.. now.. i think man.. that’s a little young isn’t it… shrug.. i gotta find that perfect someone first..

i’ve always thought.. you’ve got to search long and hard to find the perfect someone.. is it possible.. that.. that person.. can just come along and drop right into your lap.. like the movies.. have you seen you’ve got mail?.. at kevin’s wedding this weekend, they asked him how he first got to know his now wife.. and he said.. they started by exchanging emails with each other.. i found that.. really interesting.. an online .. relationship.. hmm… that actually worked..

anyways.. yah.. mvp baseball 2003 is coming out on computer tomorrow.. and.. i think i’m going to buy it.. i’m quite.. excited… about it.. quite..