well.. i’ve realized i haven’t been writing a whole lot of blogs lately. for some reason, i’ve come to the point where i don’t want my personal life to be so out in the open. i know the feeling will pass, but until then, i’m sure i’ll keep most of my blogs very impersonal.. or just full of song lyrics… it’s not that i have anything to hide. i know i’ve got a lot on my mind.. but if you talk to me for 5 minutes.. i’m sure you’ll know about all of them too… shrug

i ran the la jolla half marathon yesterday.. surprisingly, i’m not as sore as i thought i’d be.. finished it in 2 hours 32 minutes. i think that’s great cause i only ran like.. twice in the two weeks before the race. and.. only ran over 3 miles once before. it was pretty grueling… seemed like it was uphill the whole way.

this is mile 6. before i hit the hill, i was averaging a 9:30 minute mile for 5 miles. but the mountain destroyed me. at the top of the mountain, they were giving cpr to this one black man who at one point was at the front of the race… i wonder what happened to him..

i think i might’ve walked the last 4 miles. everyone that ran the half marathon was pretty much.. white. so.. every once in a while, you’d meet an asian.. and you’d just stick with them for a little bit.. anyways.. the last 4 miles, i noticed this one asian guy starting to follow me… whenever i ran, he’d run. whenever i’d walk he’d stop too.. whenever i’d go ahead, i’d look back to see where he was. the last hill was pretty brutal.. and i strained my quad. and i collapsed the with about 200 yards left to go.at the same time.. the guy strained his calf.. and we were both.. down for a while.. so.. i bent down to stretch out my quad.

i looked at him.. and he looked at me.. i knew the finish was just around the corner.. so i took off for the finish while he was still sitting on the curb. after i finished, i ate some bananas and i looked back.. and he had just finished too.. and i just smiled at me. and he nodded at me. haha…

i finished last out of the 6 people i ran with. i didn’t even think i was going to finish.. so.. yah.. i’m pretty happy that i did.. i’m thinking about running another one in august.. and if i do well.. i’ll do the la marathon.

it was.. kinda weird for me to run through la jolla.. i have so memories running through it. i’m kinda amazed how well i know the area. san diego in general… this is where i played football.. i’ve been to this starbucks. etc.. it’s a nice area.. if they had a decent sports team, i’d think i’d love to live there.. too bad…

ok.. this is getting long.. so.. here’s the lyrics to another switchfoot song. the intro reminds me of an incubus song.

switchfoot – incomplete

He’s washing his face to start his day

He’s lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely

Nothing in the mirror ever shows him what’s within

Now he’s checking out the faces

On the back of the milk

He’s sour under all this pressure

He thinks the missing person looks an awful lot like him

And he starts his engine

But he knows that he’s missing gears


Where will you find yourself?


Where will you find yourself?

Cause you’re the missing person now

Step outside your doubt

And let yourself be found

He’s sick of the race just to save face

He’s tied and tried, he’s sick and tired

Tired of the holes that are making him incomplete

He’ll push the pedal to the floor

Like the day before

He’s trying to be always trying

Try to find an end to justify his means


o… i found out who gave me the cookies.. it was jina.. like a suspected.. she didn’t even tell me… i was talking to her and she never mentioned it.. so i had asked her.. and she said.. yah.. they were some good cookies.. really good. hmm.. i want some cookies…