i really don’t know what.. to write about really.. yes i know i’m supposed to write about something about myself on.. tuesdays.. and.. tuesday.. past.. and yah.. i still haven’t written anything.. don’t be fooled with the time stamp on this blog… it may say.. tuesday.. 11:45.. but in actuallity it’s close to 3 in the morning on wednesday… i meant to write soemthing here at 11:45 but.. nothing came to me… nothing still has come to me yet… but someone asked me to write something here.. and.. of course.. i’ll write something here if i’m asked..

hmmm.. here’s a haiku

stars seem far away

i feel the same about you

come closer to me

what else.. ted sent me this link earlier this week.. it’s about.. north korean polical prison camps.. one person i can always count on to be on at 2 in the morning is ted.. haha

“you don’t realize what you have until you lose it…”

i really have nothing to write about.. haha… i’ve actually started writing a couple things.. about depression i went through when i was younger.. but i couldn’t figure out how to start or end it.. i was going to write about how i let go of people very easily.. but.. i think that’s pretty common knowledge.. shrug.. i just deleted everything i wrote…

what you read is what made it out of the cutting room