it’s just past 3.. the irony of it is.. that i’m online.. and.. i’m wondering.. why there isn’t anyone else online.. it’s.. 3 in the morning.. why the hell would anyone else be on at this hour… wait.. jullie just signed on.. why is she on?… i’m not.. even close to tired.. which is the weird part.. i feel like i should go and run around the block or something…

so much is running through my head… hmm.. i know it’s not.. thursday.. but.. here’s lyrics to a song..

granian – foresight

Hold me now

Feel your arms around me

Realize its just another dream about

You and me forever, Whoa

I’m lookin’ but cannot find

Whatever I do can’t seem to get you out of my mind

And if I hold your hand

And if I walk you through

Will you understand me?, When I tell it to you

If I make it clear, if I make you see

Is it too much to ask for you

Just to acknowledge me?

See my eyes flowin’ like the ocean

I feel so alive, but now I’m fallin’, Whoa

And feelings I just can’t hide

Memories lost you seem to have left me far behind

I can go where no one hides

I can look where no one finds

Memories lost inside my head

I can be what no one is

find out hers and find out his

Catch me now, catch me now

I’m fallin’

tomorrow.. i’ll probably.. post another granian song… so i’ll refrain from talking about them until tomorrow.. tomorrow.. meaning thursday.. even though.. i’ll sleep twice before.. i’d post.. hmm.. i’m just rambling now..