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well… yah.. i laughed when i saw this cartoon. i think a lot of times.. people think that i only think about sports. i mean.. when september/october comes around… there’s the baseball playoffs and football’s just starting so there’s so much sports to think about… but yah.. doesn’t mean it’s on my mind 24-7.

i was about to post this last night.. but .. i don’t know why.. but during the middle of the night.. i had this weird feeling.. you know that feeling you get when your hearts just been broken. that feeling of like.. your heart just was stretched and pulled away from your body.. i had that feeling last night.. i’m not sure why.. it’s as though i lost something realyl important to me.. or.. i don’t know. it took me by surprise.. and well.. yah. the feelings gone now.. but i still don’t know why i got it…

i was reading andy’s post last night.. the one about.. nice guys finishing last.. it’s a really confusing post. anyways… yah.. there’s a saying that goes.. nice guys finish last, but they finish. that could just very well be because.. they get stampeded by everyone behind them.. i found his post kinda funny because, if you read the comments.. every guy that comments.. claims.. they’re a nice guy. if there’s so many nice guys out there.. where’s the mean ones at?..

i’ve been accused of being a mean guy. andy tells me that all the time. so does laureen.. and… well the list could go on for a while. odd how andy’s one of my closest friends.. and.. laureen hmm… anyways.. other people say i’m too nice. i was watching an episode of suddenly susan a couple days ago.. and there was an episode about how susan.. can never say no to anyone.. and.. i have a hard time saying no to people to.. i was supposed to do.. sabbath school lesson in late may.. but.. church needed an emergency fillin for this weekend.. of course they asked me. and of course i said yes..

saying no.. shrug.. i know it’s one of the things on crystal’s list.. but.. yah.. i don’t know.

nice guys finish last… i’ve had my share of little flings and dates.. i don’t think the relationships .. have anything to do with who’s the nice one.. and who’s the mean one. it’s about how compatible you are with the other person.. i think it’s more of… mean people like mean people. (have you seen the simpsons episode of when the comic book guy is dating principal skinner’s mom?.. perfect example of how each of them being mean to someone else.. made each other feel better…)

the contrary is also true. nice people like nice people. so… with so many.. nice guys being stuck finished last.. it probably means.. there isn’t enough nice girls around ..