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my sister and i are 5 years apart. it’s a pretty big gap. i think.. since i was born my sister knew english.. so i picked up english around the same time i picked up korean. and.. i dropped korean really fast cause i didn’t really need it. it’s kinda weird because all my cousins call my sister jean hae noona or jean hae unni.. but that never was the case for me. she’s always been jean.. if i ever called her noona, it’d be cause i wanted something. i think that’s why i freak whenever someone younger than me calls me oppa or hyung.. it’s just weird to me..

we didn’t fight much when we were younger.. actually.. i think we fought quite a bit. the weird thing is whenever we fought, an hour or so later.. we’d be watching tv together like nothing happened. when my parents would yell at us for fighting we’d yell back at them that we weren’t fighting and team up against them.. that’s how it always was. we’d always threaten to tell our parents that we’d tattle on them. but we’d never tell.. she’s always had my back.

i remember this one time, i set up a fort next to her door and we had a marker fight. my sister had a lot of markers and pencils and such.. a nerd is always prepared.. anyways… we were throwing these markings at each other.. when one of the ones she threw struck me in the face. right around my lip. and she stopped throwing the markers. i didn’t know i was wounded so i kept throwing them.. but yah.. afterwards.. i found out.. i had a cut on my face.. a round cut right around my lip the shape of the head of a marker. she had thrown it so hard the head of the marker cut into me.

if you look really closely. i still have a slight scar on my face today.

“did jean give you that cut?” my parents would ask..

“no, i was playing with markers! go away.”

years have past since then. she tells me all the time she finds it weird that i’m old enough to be friends now. i think.. though… we were always friends.